Who is TreeceCo?


Who is TreeceCo?

About TreeceCo 

TreeceCo’s experience dates back over thirty-two years with over sixty-eight years of combined industry knowledge. We've come a long way over the years, but we have never lost sight of our ultimate goal. To this end we have consistently been pioneers in understanding market trends. This allows our clients to have access to knowledgeable professionals who are relentless in their desire to put the clients’ interests first.

Over thirty-two years ago, Tony Treece, the founder of TreeceCo, set out with an entrepreneurial dream deep within his heart. He knew he had the keys to success, because he knew that he would work longer and harder than any of his peers. Tony had an entrepreneurial mindset early in his childhood. He learned his work ethic by working at his grandfather’s full-service gas station in downtown Concord, North Carolina as a child. He took that experience and began a janitorial business in college after being laid off work six times during college. Tony went on to finish his undergraduate theology degree as a married student with a young daughter. He sold his cleaning business for a profit upon graduating college.

Tony’s vision has taken many shapes and forms over the years, but his clients have always known that his focus is putting their interests first. The team at TreeceCo uses this as their primary goal. Tony is often greeted by clients who thank him for being the sound voice of wisdom in their life. Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing TreeceCo has helped clients avoid losing money, created financial consistency and stability no matter what is going on in the world, and always put our clients’ interests before our own.

With the ever-present financial collapse looming, Tony wanted to implement ways for the clientele of TreeceCo to safely put their money to work. Along with fixed insurance products, Tony realized that precious metals have been used to retain wealth for over 5,000 years. Economists are continually warning of the collapse of the American currency, so the need to own physical metals has never been greater.

What’s more, tangible metals will be the must-have investment of the future. Since precious metals are not limitless, now is the time to incorporate precious metals into your portfolio. However, most people need some sort of dollar-oriented savings vehicle. For this reason, we use fixed insurance vehicles like the ones that helped people to not lose money during the Great Depression.


Tony Treece

Tony Treece is an example of the American Dream. During his formative years he lacked opportunity, but this motivated him to push for excellence. He went on to graduate from Hyles-Anderson College with a Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Theology in 1983. In college, Tony started a janitorial business which he sold for a profit upon graduating.

His tenacious resilience led him to enter the financial services industry in 1984. Tony ranks among the top 5% of Financial Advisors worldwide, according to The Million Dollar Round Table. He routinely speaks to organizations around America and Canada about the current U.S. economy and its future. He is a thought leader who is revolutionizing people’s way of thinking concerning investing.

Tony’s experience in the financial services industry goes back 30 years. He consistently pursues difference by staying ahead of economic trends that will be tomorrow’s normal. His primary focus is assisting pre-retirees and retirees in planning for their future goals. Before the recent economic turmoil, Tony pulled his clientele out of the stock market. He began investing their wealth in products that would not be demolished by the decline of the stock market or be drained away by inflation in banks.

Tony is the Founder and Managing Partner of TreeceCo and Preservation Financial Partners. TreeceCo’s primary focus is helping people invest in alternative investments, the type of investments that have been capable of weathering harsh economic storms. Tony writes a weekly Financial Friday Newsletter that has a worldwide readership. Its purpose is to help educate people about what is going on economically. Go to TreeceCo.com to learn more.

However, more important to Tony is his relationship with Jesus Christ. As a believer, Tony Treece’s primary interest is putting others’ interest first, and helping them achieve their goals. Tony is a board member of the David Wood Ministries, a nonprofit mission board.

Tony lives with his wife of 39 years, Donna Treece, in Concord, North Carolina. He has two adult children and three grandchildren.


David Treece

A Tar Heel by birth, David resides in Concord, North Carolina. David moved to Colorado, in early 2010, to pursue his interest in the outdoors with friends, and he quickly grew to appreciate Colorado on a deeper level. After living in Denver for three years he decided to move back to his hometown to work with TreeceCo.

He studied Government with a concentration on Politics and Policy while attending Liberty University in Virginia. One of his greatest passions is a desire to be politically involved in preserving the gift of liberty and freedom. He has volunteered for and contributed to political campaigns regularly since 2004, and during the 2011 Colorado Legislative Session he was an aide to former State Representative Robert Ramirez.

Over the last eighteen years, he has worked in a wide array of customer service related fields. He has held supervisory roles and minimal roles – nothing is too small of a job. David’s ambition is to excel in any capacity. Currently, David’s role at TreeceCo consists of project management, marketing support and client retention.

In the summer of 2015, David married the love of his life. His wife, Mallory, is from Spartanburg, South Carolina, and she has been a public school art teacher for seven years.