Question: How long has TreeceCo been in business?

Answer: We have been in business since March of 1984.

Question: What does TreeceCo do? 

Answer: The main emphasis of our business is helping people over the age of 55 to eliminate financial risk and create an income stream that they cannot outlive. We use fixed indexed annuities to do this primarily. Many times our clients have 401Ks or IRAs that we can rollover into fixed annuities and sometimes people have saved money at banks that we can use to begin an annuity contract.

We also use life insurance contracts to create the above-mentioned benefits for younger people and sometimes older people.

Lastly a very small part of our business is selling physical precious metals. We believe everyone should own some metals. This is not the main emphasis of our business but the price of metals is an interesting indicator of global financial health. Therefore we frequently write about how metals are performing in our newsletter and on our blog.

We also work with small and mid-size business owners in helping them create an employee benefits plan using safe money options that are not subject to the whims of stock market volatility. Oftentimes when working with business owners we help them with buy-sell agreements.

Question: What makes TreeceCo unique?

Answer: Most financial services firms recommend some blend of putting your money in the stock market. We do not. We believe the stock market is set up to make losers out of each of us. Therefore, we do not recommend that clients invest in the stock market. A more detailed explanation can be given in a one-on-one client meeting.

Question: Is TreeceCo’s weekly newsletter free?

Answer: We believe in education and keeping our clients informed, so there is no charge for our newsletter. You can sign up for our newsletter on the home page.

Question: What is it like to come to a seminar?

Answer: We hope you’ll feel welcome. People normally arrive fairly early, so you may want to plan accordingly. We offer a free meal that is professionally catered. The presentation generally lasts two hours and there is an opportunity for you to ask questions afterwards. We hope you’ll come back and bring a friend with you!

Question: Does TreeceCo do business under any other names?

Answer: Over the years we have done business under several different names as our business marketing strategies have shifted. In the last few years we have only done business as TreeceCo. Tony Treece, the owner of TreeceCo, owns Preservation Financial Partners, which is a registered investment advisory. However, we do not use Preservation Financial Partners for any marketing purposes.

Question: Does TreeceCo hold any client’s precious metals?

Answer: TreeceCo never holds and has never held any precious metals.

Question: Can I buy precious metals at the TreeceCo office?

Answer: No, precious metals do not come through our hands. They are shipped from our back office straight to your home or other address you’ve provided.

Question: Does TreeceCo do anything besides precious metals?

Answer: Yes. Actually precious metals are a very small part of what we do. Some of our clients have purchased precious metals, but some of our clients do not. It depends on the individual client's needs. These needs are accessed on an individual basis. 


Question: Does TreeceCo recommend using depositories?

Answer: At times we recommend that clients use Delaware Depository to hold their precious metals. Each individual is different and has different needs. We never make blanket statements regarding this.

Question: What regulatory licensing does representatives of TreeceCo hold?

Answer: The Secretary of State regulates us, and the state insurance commission.

Question: If I transfer my 401k or IRA will the money go through TreeceCo’s hands?

Answer: No, all transfers go from one custodian to another. Or funds go from you, the client, to the custodian.