At our April 10th Open House Dr. Oddy Crist will be our guest speaker. Dr. Crist is a Kannapolis City School Board Candidate in the May election.

She was born in Germany under Nazism and her family resisted Hitler’s totalitarian rule. With the threat of being shot on the spot for treason if found out, her family continued to help Jews. Dr. Crist's family was part of the "underground resistance."  

Her focus during her presentation will be the choices that have to be made by you in light of what is currently going on in Washington. Dr. Crist believes we will all be forced to make decisions soon. Click here to read here bio.

Tony Treece will speak about how our current 401K system originated and how you can benefit from understanding how the system is set up. 

The event will be held at the Wingate Hotel 7841 Gateway Ln NW, Concord, NC 28027

RSVP today by calling 1.855.534.4653 or email