By Tony Treece 

The Ten Commandants are a cornerstone of how we do business. Exodus 20:15 from the Bible states, "You shall not steal." While all the Commandments are important, we believe this one speaks the loudest in our business. Expanding on this, we believe in the "Golden Rule" that states that we should do to others how we would like to be done to. These two principles have been the directing force in how we have done business for the last 31 years.

We help prevent our clients and friends from losing their money, and we believe that if not protected our money is vulnerable to theft. We assess your financial portfolio and explain the threats to your financial wellbeing. We've been warning that most conventional savers are at risk of losing their money, and many industry professionals state that these risks are escalating.

Most people failed to see the importance of what happened in the Mediterranean island country of Cyprus in 2013. Some Cypriote people lost up to 47% of the money they had in their banks and were locked out of their bank accounts for days because of the country's banks' negligence. Banks had loaned out more money than they had. This is a global issue. Your local bank is doing the same thing, loaning out money they do not have. It's just money on a computer screen.

Of course like everywhere large corporations and banks are the ones holding the economy and government hostage. They have overtaken the government to pillage it for their own vile profit. And we will be the ones to suffer the consequences.

Then recent Greek tragedy happened when Greece finally came out and said they have no more money to pay their debts. And as we've written about previously, this country's debts were mounted on by the international banking cartel. The same scheme that has been orchestrated right here in the U.S.A. with your local bank.

The organized theft of your money started in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was established. Control of monetary systems in the hands of a few is not best. Then in 2008 the controllers began "bail-outs." The end of the America we knew began at this time. Goldman Sachs received a bail-out. Shortly after they received billions of tax dollars they began outsourcing jobs to Singapore. Then Jon Corzine, the head of MF Global, a commodities brokerage house, stole $1.6 billion dollars from clients. Corzine is a free man today.

Then shortly after, "Too big to fail banks" stated there would be rioting on the streets and martial law if they did not receive money from the government to make them solvent. What followed was at least $4.7 trillion of newly created money. As a result the stock market has been artificially inflated and talking heads like Wolf Blitzer on CNN would have you believe we are in an economic recovery. Remember, any time somebody prefaces anything they are telling you with we are in "an economic recovery," think "What are they trying to get me to buy?"

I'll briefly digress. If we are in an economic recovery, why are 147 million (nearly half of Americans) receiving some form of government assistance? Why are 74.7 million people receiving the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)? These are the soup lines that were prevalent during the Great Depression. We just don't see them today... Just the way the big banks and Wall Street want it so that you'll keep funding them.

If you have been skimming this article so far, below is the part to fully read.

The rules for the Grand Theft of America have already been made. Just because you don't know the law doesn't mean you are not accountable for breaking the law. The same applies here. The money you have in the bank is not your money. You are accountable for knowing this. 

When we open a credit card, the credit card company is an unsecured lender to us. We could stick it to the credit card company if we wanted. The FDIC has stated that when we deposit money into a bank we are an unsecured lender to the bank, and when the bank fails we are the last in line to get our money. Derivative holders will be first. The banksters have prepared to take to your money.

The United States has an $18 trillion deficit, unfunded liabilities (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP, etc.) of $240 trillion, and a continually increasing $1.5 quadrillion credit swap derivatives debt which will lead to massive bank bail-ins! This is why the banking and Wall Street cartels need your money. The entire wealth of the planet is estimated to be $79 trillion. Your bank has underwritten and insured the derivatives debt market.

What do you think is going happen? What does common sense tell you? It tells me that many people are about to have their money stolen! The banking cartel will first tell you it will be a 10% tax on your accounts... The head of the World Bank, Christine Lagarde, has already said just that. Banks should take 10% of their customers' money. It won't stop with 10% though... It will be much more.

I can't make this stuff up. If you dig, this information is all available at the click of a mouse. In fact, we've posted many of these papers on our website here. What are you doing to protect yourself? We are helping people who want to help themselves. We believe in taking charge and protecting yourself from theft. If you believe like we do, please fill out the contact form linked here and we'll contact you to schedule a free meeting.

What's interesting is when we advise some people of these risks, they go back to their ignorant banker or stock broker who has been unnecessarily making excessive fees off their clients' money in what can only be deemed a return to an abusive relationship. This unethical behavior is a form of theft in and of itself.