By David Treece 

Donald Trump's accession can easily be explained. The failure of the Establishment Republicans and the media to acknowledge that they have allowed Barack Obama to get away with numerous deceitful things is the leading cause. 

In August 2013 I attended a town hall that my congressman hosted. During the course of the meeting, attendees expressed frustration that verged on rage over what could be done about President Obama's massive new tax also known as ObamaCare. Richard Hudson spewed the same rhetoric as always like most of his colleagues in Congress do. He said phrases like "unleashing the private sector" and "I can assure you I'm a person of integrity." It was like listening to someone talk who didn't really say anything.

After Obama had a divisive four years in the White House... The only notable thing to speak of was ObamaCare, a policy that at least 50% of Americans did not like, so it should have been a cakewalk for the next Republican to win the White House.

However, in 2012 the Republican Party chose the architect for ObamaCare as its nominee. This made it impossible for the party to mention how burdensome and unrealistic ObamaCare is. Unrealistic because the national budget had not been balanced in half a dozen years at that point and more spending was being piled on. Basic arithmetic reveals that somebody is fudging the numbers to make ObamaCare work or it's just being piled on top of the $19 trillion national debt.

Obama went unchecked in the 2012 election. It was similar to the way he sailed to victory in 2008 while the general public knew little about him, because in 2012 the general public knew little about how ObamaCare would (or wouldn't) work.

Obama's lies like "if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor" grew more severe. It was like a thief. If the thief gets away one time he's more brazen the next time. And Congressmen like Hudson kept telling us to move on and elect Republicans like Thom Tillis to the Senate in 2014. When we get a majority in both chambers we can get something done, they told us. We all know now how flat that fell.

The media and the people who told us to move on concerning Obama's deceit act as though they can't figure out why Donald Trump continues to decimate his rivals. The answer could not be clearer.

It's a challenge to be principled in an unprincipled world. We witnessed a principled person in Kim Davis when Obama ruled like a monarch and declared gay marriage legal in every state. Never in our history had someone been jailed for their religious beliefs. In fact, this is part of the reason America exists today and the Pilgrims fled to America, to escape the Church of England.

The Washington Establishment was silent and breathed a sigh of relief because they knew they would not have to face the voters on this issue. Obama helped spineless legislators who did not want to vote on whether marriage was defined as between a man and a woman.

We see our national sovereignty being eroded by the migration of non-vetted refugees coming to our country. And who has caused the turmoil in the country? America bears a large portion of the blame for meddling in Syria.

For example, America paid $6 million paid to a UK-based TV channel to produce propaganda supporting a Syrian regime change. Our intervention in Syria dates back to 2006. The point is not to digress into this, but the point is show that we facilitated the refugee crisis by funding rebels and various demonstrations to wreck the country. The media, Republicans, and Democrats continue to give the administration a pass on this. When Trump speaks about curbing or pausing Muslim migration, it resonates.

It's not time to move on from Obama, and it's sure not time to move on from Hillary Clinton and her continual lies. Lies like no Americans were killed in the 2012 Benghazi attack. It makes zero logical sense that she can be winning primary elections. Apparently somebody needs to beat the drum louder.

And let's not forget about what will be considered one of our largest mistakes. After the Great Depression the Glass-Steagall Act was passed in 1933. This act limited how banks could loan money and how they could interact with securities or stock market products. Most people agreed that, leading up to the Depression, banks were loaning more money than they had, investors put loaned money in the stock market, and it caused a horrific problem. Glass-Steagall was passed to correct this.

And it worked well for years, but Wall Street is a terrible machine that destroys the dreams of many people. Greed drives Wall Street. In the 1970s Wall Street wanted to incentivize people to put more savings in the Wall Street cartel. Retirement plans like 401Ks became prevalent. Wall Street was happy for a while, but then it got greedy again. Wall Street lobbied Bill Clinton to repeal Glass-Steagall in 1999 and he succumbed.

The consequences were not fully manifested until 2008 when the market melted. Investors lost on average 31% of their stock market investments. Bill Clinton's key involvement was hardly mentioned. Two years later Dodd-Frank legislation was passed to prevent the "too big to fail banks" from receiving taxpayer bailouts since they were so unpopular in 2008.

Buried inside the Dodd-Frank bill is the provision that banks will use depositor money (your money) to stabilize the bank should it become insolvent. Banks continue to loan out more than they have. This ticking time bomb could explode at any point. Of course, like Bill Clinton escaped blame, I'm sure Obama will too.

The general public may not fully understand why they are on edge, but they are vulnerable. Along comes Donald Trump who spells out what the problems are and says he's going to fix them. He's simple, he's a brilliant marketer, so he resonates.

My question is "Why don't you understand why Donald Trump is winning?" We are mad, frustrated, and we've had enough. We are not going to quit talking about Obama's failures and we're not going to get excited about a Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, or Mitt Romney candidacy. It's time for the Republican Party to fold or do better. The fact that Obama has gotten away with the few things listed here without the Republican Party calling for impeachment is grounds for political mutiny.

Truth is powerful, and being told to shut up and move on is the cowardly way. I'll have no part of it. The Donald Trump ideology is only the beginning of an issue that will grow.

If I could change one thing about this situation, it's my desire that the Donald Trump and Ted Cruz supporters would redirect their focus to their local Congressmen. If we had Constitutional Congressmen, many of these things could be prevented. If we spent the same amount of time pushing our Congressmen to the proverbial fire, things could change. This is the most basic and easy fix to the situation, but I'm afraid most people do not realize it. 

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