The TreeceCo Report 

By Tony Treece

As a child, I spent a lot of time with my grandfather and a fair amount of time with my great-grandfather. I’d say they were “salt of the earth” type people. My family comes from a rural country background. We were used to raising animals and growing a garden. We could go days without going to a store or going out to eat.

I can’t say that my life looks much like that anymore. I’m buzzing around here and there. Getting lunch with business colleagues or meeting friends at a restaurant for dinner. We just don’t do things like we used to. In many respects we’ve become dependent on these quick services. Getting food quickly or stopping by Starbucks for a quick coffee are now mainstays.

Often it’s difficult for us to even think outside of our situations and try to put ourselves in our parents’ or grandparents’ shoes. Financially speaking, we often make decisions based on our experiences. My grandfather was 19 years old when the Great Depression began. These traumatizing experiences surely shaped his early years and his thinking about how to manage his finances.

I’ve had success in starting businesses and being able to sell them for profit, and I like to think I learned much of that from watching my grandfather. As a result I think much of my business focus and my eye for spotting economic problems was learned from him.

If you’ve read our newsletter for long, you’ve probably read that I was able to advise almost all of our clients to get out of the stock market before the 2000 dot com crash, and again in 2007 our clients did not lose in the stock market downturn.

Today the current stock market is on the cusp of hitting 17,000 points, a milestone. It’s inflated and a correction is coming. I’m warning my clients to get out of the stock market now! I abhor sitting with weeping clients who have literally lost their retirement dreams because they were victims of a rogue stock market.

The sad thing is that many people can’t see this, and they can’t comprehend it. Our grandparents or parents saw financial devastation and lived it. Many of us have not seen anything of the magnitude that I foresee on the horizon. I understand that this can be a difficult concept to grasp, but take the first step. At least secure part of your savings and investments.

I’m not advocating squirreling away money and making no return. I’m saying you can have guaranteed income for life and have peace of mind. You can eliminate your stock market worries and you can prepare for what lies ahead. Call our office to discuss your options.