In last week’s newsletter (click here to read) we discussed how the book of Jeremiah in Scripture parallels America in many ways. God told the prophet Jeremiah that He would bring judgment on the people of Judah because they had abandoned Him in all their ways. In verse one of chapter five the Lord tells Jeremiah that he will forgive the people if he can find one upright person.

In our world of negativity it’s easy to become discouraged and disheartened, but todaylet’s focus on how we can be thankful.While America’s morals are in decay and many arguments can be made about how the American government has helped fund and create ISIS, we should be encouraged that we have not been completely ruined and destroyed.

I believe this is because of people like most of our newsletter readers, because upright people can still be found in our country. People who fear God and do the right thing are why we enjoy God’s favor. We should be thankful for this, because it leaves something for our posterity. We truly believe that we should thank God for the righteous in our country as we prepare for this time of Thanksgiving.

When Jesus Christ no longer has a voice in culture, why would He deem it necessary to continue a society? Let’s pray for Christians around the world to be brave and courageous in their witness for the Lord so that we may impact change.