At our seminar on December 8th we will discuss why we believe many people do not get the reality of the grave situation America is in. We’ve searched our minds trying to figure out why most people who are living life around us do not understand why stats like the following will lead to unpleasant outcomes.

- National Debt Doubled in 8 Years

- No Balanced Budget in 13 Years

- Interest Rates Not Raised in 9 Years

- At Least $65 Trillion in National Debt Including Unfunded Liabilities.

- 50 Million Americans Receiving Food Assistance

We believe the answers to why people do not understand how terrible these things are can be found in the Bible. Over the next few weeks leading up to our December 8th seminar, we will look to Scriptural examples on these matters. The beginning of the first is below. Please keep reading.

The book of Jeremiah in Scripture is a fascinating read for those seeking clarity on how God responds to people who have forsaken Him. Jeremiah didn’t want the calling in his life that the Lord planned for him, and he even told God he was too young and essentially he was not a good enough communicator. Time and time again, God uses the lowly among us to demonstrate His plans for us.

In the first chapter of Jeremiah, God states that He will bring judgment on the people of Judah because they have deserted Him and worshipped other gods. The Lord instructed young Jeremiah to stand before kings, officials, priests and the people of Judah, and He told him he would give him the strength to fight off the attacks these people would bring upon him because of his strong words of admonition to return to the one true God.

I find it interesting in verse 17 in the first chapter that God instructs Jeremiah to prepare for action, tell them everything I have instructed you, do not be afraid of them, or I will make you look foolish before them. How often do we get a word from the Lord, and we pander to our sinful desires and avoid what God has spoken to us about? Listening to the Lord only comes through careful concentration and diligently seeking Him in prayer. Shortly after Jeremiah is told to take his message of repentance to everyone, God tells him that people will want to harm him but his adversaries will fail because God will take care of Jeremiah.

In chapter two God speaks to the prophet Jeremiah again and tells him that the people of Judah once honored Him, and they prospered. They used to honor God, and as a result they prospered. However, they began worshipping idols, and the priests did not ask, “Where is the Lord?” The Scripture says, the people who taught others about God ignored God and the rulers turned against God.

Are you seeing the parallel yet? This is America today. We worship false Gods… Entertainment, materialism, greed, money, hedonism, and the list could go on of things we have put before God. Rarely do we hear preachers telling their congregations that maybe the programs on TV are not appropriate. Rarely do we hear instruction in morality. If we did the homosexual culture would not be prevalent.

The sad reality is the last sentence in the above statement would have me branded as a homophobe in culture today. That’s just like God told Jeremiah in chapter one that people will fight you. They will seek to do you harm, but if you stand with God he will take care of you and preserve you.

God says in Jeremiah 2:13 that His people have done evil things. They abandoned God… The God who gives life and second He says they dug cisterns that hold no water. The things we place our energy in… Entertainment, materialism, greed, money, and hedonism are empty and fleeting. Instead of investing our time and resources in things that honor God, we invest them in things that are fleeting. They are vapid.

So because the people in book of Jeremiah in the Bible did these things they became slaves and their resources were taken as plunder. Their cities were destroyed by the Egyptians, and no one lived there any longer. God states in Jeremiah 2:17 that the people of Judah brought this upon themselves because of their rebellion, and His chastisement gets stronger in verse 20 when He says the people have prostituted themselves by bowing to false gods. Later He says nothing can make them clean, and that the stain of their sin is permanent.

When God told the people this they denied it, but they still wanted their foolish ways. Some people reading this are saying this isn’t America, and we are not doing this. We are so entrenched and our minds are so distorted that we cannot see clear things like America’s national debt nearly doubling in eight years is a terminal thing.

In verse 26 it states that the people only feel shame when they are caught. I don’t believe America has been “caught” per se yet. The Lord is longsuffering and because of the Godly amongst us His mercy has endured.

A strong correlation to abortion can be made in Jeremiah 2:34, which says the people of Judah have the blood stains of the innocent upon their clothing. How many innocent babies have been murdered in America? As a result of their sin, God led them into exile and even their allies rejected them.

These words are not meant to scare you or to make you lose sleep, but they are meant to show you where we are in America today. When the majority of people in our country are marching down the road to enslavement we want to show as many people as possible an alternative route. Repentance and turning to God are the answer. When this happens all the other things in our lives will begin to fall into place. We will share more on these topics in our newsletter next week.