When Janet Yellen, the Chair of the Federal Reserve, says she expects interest rates to rise it’s like your stockbroker saying he expects the stock he just sold you to increase. Of course he does. There is a built in conflict of interest because the broker’s income is directly related to keeping you in the market. If he puts your money in a money market account (in a holding pattern) the broker will make no fees on it typically. For Yellen to say the interest rates are going to decrease is saying that her board’s work to stabilize the economy has not worked. It’s an admission of failure.

Interestingly, last week Yellen covered herself when she spoke out of both sides of her mouth. She shot down the idea of interest rates dipping negative, but then said, "[If] we found ourselves with a weak economy that needed additional stimulus, we would look at all of our available tools, and [a negative rate] would be something that we would evaluate in that kind of context."

 NEWS FLASH: Our economy is weak, and because real interest rates are near zero the dissipating middle class has been incentivized to take on more debt. When interest rates are low it encourages consumers to pile on bigger mortgages and more expensive car loans.

 When was the last time you were able to make a return on a bank deposit or CD? When you park money at a bank, you’re losing money. When our nearly zero percent interest rates dip negative you will be charged for your deposit, and you’ll be paid to take our more debt.

 This will create a larger bubble in the debt market… The debt will never be paid back monetarily. It will be paid back with blood, commodities and our labor.

 Remember the banks that will be charging you to deposit money in the near term future are the banks that received the American taxpayers bailout money in 2008. The banks that we had no choice in bailing out, we were forced to take the money our labor created and give to fat cat bankers. Mind you, known of which were prosecuted or imprisoned for their maltreatment of depositor money.

 Peter Schiff, a financial analyst, stated last week that negative interest rates are “represent a hard turn toward communism.” Why? Because with the bank bailouts of 2008 banks were essentially nationalized, and when they go zero more government oversight will be put into the equation. When corporations and private businesses are taken over by the government that is by definition communism. What does this mean for you? Less choice in how you use your money… Less freedom. More control.

Why does the government secretly want negative interest rates? With the debt limit being raised recently, by the end of the Obama Administration our national debt will be over twenty trillion dollars. The government is not able to borrow cost free. With the growing debt service payments there will be no way interest rates can be raised for any length of time.

In an attempt to manipulate the markets, the Fed may raise rates temporally only to lower them in the near future well below negative. This will incentivize more risk taking the market and real estate price would spike and people will finance their dream cars. When interest rates go down, the economy will circle the drain quicker and more private corporations will be state controlled.

We see this push from spewers of venomous rhetoric like Bill Gates who recently stated the only solution to our global warming is socialism. And instigators like Bernie Sanders preaching “income inequality.” These men want state control of your life. The redistribution Sanders preaches is for anyone with any wealth whatsoever. So if you’ve been able to save up a $100,000 in your retirement account, it needs to be redistributed to the wealth. In Poland, all retirement accounts were nationalized and the money put into their form of Social Security to make it solvent. Do you think those who contributed more, got a higher monthly check? Think again. This is coning to America.

Eight years after the crash, and the Chair of the Federal Reserve even speak of negative rates is an indication of the wreck we are in. This is going to lead to chaos, and some of you reading this are still participating in the stock market because your greed drives you. When negative interest rates are here, you’ll be considered with “return of principle” not “return on principle.” However, you’ll have already withstood massive monetary hemorrhaging. I hope we’ll be able to stop your financial bleeding before you’re driven the ultimate poor house.