By David Treece

Economist Martin Armstrong warned months ago that we have entered a civil unrest cycle. We have echoed Armstrong’s theory for the last year in our writings and seminars, and what we saw in Dallas last week proves that we truly are in the civil unrest cycle that Armstrong warned about. In fact, the federal government has been arming themselves with copious amounts of weapons and ammo for the last several years. It’s almost as though the government knew this cycle was coming…

The alternative to this cycle growing out of control would have been to reform political policy by reducing government spending. However, that is politically perilous. Meaning, this would cost career politicians their jobs. Once you create dependence through subsidies, removing the money is nearly impossible. With a cursory view we can observe this in a host of examples.

We expect protest and violence to escalate to the point that average American citizens cry out for protection. Then like after September 11, 2001 a new government agency will be created like Homeland Security. Probably in the form of a nationalized police force to combat supposed police brutality and the revenge seekers… But how will it be paid for?

PBS, a mainstream media new source, published an article titled “The Monetary Bubble to end all bubbles is coming.” In the article, a former Goldman Sachs employee and Harvard professor predicted that quantitative easing is coming back and he predicts at least $100 trillion of new electronic money. The new nationalized police force could be funded from new money. What will be the result?

The Dow Jones Propaganda Average will easily crest over twenty thousand, and the overwhelming perception will be that the economy is doing well, but the prices of things will dramatically increase. The government will AGAIN rearrange how inflation is gauged. Spend some time on the John Williams' Shadow States website if you believe we are in a deflation cycle. Williams easily proves deflation to be erroneous. Cars, homes, food, and health insurance will all become more expensive.

Freedom will continue to diminish as this new federal police force has more jurisdiction in our lives. Our ability to make personal decisions will be curbed due to greater government regulations and growth. Most people will go along as more and more independent choices are taken from our lives in the name of doing what is right for the collective.

Shortly, 401(k)s, IRAs, and tax-qualified retirement savings plans will be nationalized. People who own these accounts will be required to buy government bonds that provide a 0.5% interest rate per year and if you don’t spend it all before you die your kids will receive 30% of what’s left over. Most people will go along with this because it’s their patriotic duty. Those who don’t go along with it… The nationalized police have a plan for them. 

This illustration is what is coming if Americans do not quickly wake to the reality of what is going on. You need to take precautionary measures to protect yourself from these atrocities. Call TreeceCo to schedule a meeting to learn more about what we see coming. 

Of course we do not have a crystal ball and predicting the future is not our intent. Our intent is to warn of possibly outcomes based on ideas that are being floated by the government. The above stated numbers our hypothetical and are not certain.