By David Treece

David Treece

As we crest over the final days until the Presidential election is over, indications are leading us to believe that if Donald Trump is elected a significant stock market decline may happen and the government will finally admit that America is in an economic recession. It’s our belief that interest rates will also be increased in December if Trump wins.

The powers that be would like to put as much proverbial egg on Trump’s face as possible, so when the stock market drops and interest rates are increased things will look bleak. The reason is simple.

Globalism and supposed free trade deals with numerous countries have intertwined many of the countries’ economies. Scripture indicates that the world is heading toward a world government, and with the increasing power and influence of the United Nations it’s easy to see how world government is coming to fruition.

Donald Trump has warned and fought against trade deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership, which is the NAFTA of this decade. It will have a lasting negative impact on America if it’s passed. Hillary stated that TPP is the “gold standard.”

Globalist bureaucrats would love to see TPP further entangle world economies. Trump’s opposition to tried and true establishment doctrine is why he is hated by the pay-for-play political crony class, and they would like nothing more than to blame the coming crash on Trump.

We have watched this year as the mainstream media has made up fabrication after fabrication about Donald Trump, the most egregious being that Russia is attempting to influence our election. I have seen well-meaning people buy this lie that exposes their ignorance on the topic.

Since 2013 Barack Obama has been trying to get a war going with Russia. He started out by saying that Syria's President Bashar al-Assad was gassing his people. The political will of the American people to go fight another war was not present so Obama’s warmongering failed.

The ironic detail is that Obama’s policies led to the rise of ISIS by pulling out of Iraq (after creating the problem there) and leaving behind millions of dollars’ worth of arms and equipment to supply the bloodthirsty group that is ISIS.

Russia has come at the request of Syria to help them, so insert Russia as Public Enemy Number One of the globalist bureaucrats, and the mainstream media has fed this line to the American public. War is necessary to hide the problems America is having. If Trump is elected and exposes this, things could get very ugly very quickly.

Bankers always win. The American system has been set up to ensure that the banking interest always prevails, and the big banks have no favorites. They will happily fund both sides of a war to increase their filthy lucre.

After World War I the League of Nations was formed at the Paris Peace Conference. The goals were unity, disarmament, and peace, but it proved a failure. This was a large step toward world government. World War II produced the United Nations, which has grown its tentacles larger and larger with each passing year.

Donald Trump

If successful, after the next war the globalist bureaucrats will come together to strengthen the ties that will ultimately enslave the American public more to an international order. It’s interesting to see how the Lord uses a man like Donald Trump to wage war against this plan.

When the interests of other countries’ people are put before the people of America, it has a long-term negative impact on Americans. Because jobs are essential to sustaining an economy, when American jobs go to other countries it disenfranchises us. Now the argument can be made that it helps us because the products we use from China, Bangladesh, or Peru are cheaper, but those low prices don’t really matter if we don’t have the money to buy those goods due to not having a job.

These are things this election is about, and it would behoove us all to share this information with others so we can slow down our march toward world government. Any way you slice globalism, it’s a bad deal and hurts the American public.

It’s crucial that you have control of your life savings and direct your retirement savings in a way that ensures you will not lose it. Remember, when World War I was ramping up, the stock market was shut down for four months. And banking was suspended during the Great Depression. Depositors lost just like they recently did in the country of Cyprus.

There is absolutely nothing to say that it cannot happen now. How powerless would you feel if the stock market was shut down and you could not get money out of your bank account? Could you make it a week, three days, a day…? We have solutions for this issue.