The TreeceCo Report 

By Tony Treece

Happy Independence Day! During holiday breaks, I find it’s a good time to reflect and try to gain clarity. I was thinking recently about what I would look for in a financial advisor if I were selecting one, and I came up with four big things I would have to have.

First, find a firm that puts you first. Not all financial planning firms are equal. Believe it or not some financial planners do not have a fiduciary commitment to put the client’s interests first. At TreeceCo we do have that obligation and we are committed to it. We have a 30-year track record of putting our clients’ interests first. Check out our testimonial page to read what our clients say about us. Click here.

Second, decide what you want. If you are looking for casino style “investing” we aren’t the firm you’re looking for. We don’t gamble with your money. We provide guaranteed reliability. We offer saving strategies that will guarantee that you’ll have income for life. We consider that an important step towards financial independence.

Third, pay attention to how the person who advises you articulates what they are advising you to do. I recommend being judgmental. Most of the time your gut is right, and if they are beating around the bush or playing games, sometimes you can figure it out if you listen closely.

Finally, look for integrity. It is the first thing you should look for when making any major decision. Sadly, finding financial education that is given in an ethical manner can be difficult. However, finding it is not impossible. TreeceCo has been educating and equipping our clients for over 30 years in how to prepare their estate with proper living revocable trusts and their finances for pre-retirement and retirement.

TreeceCo has an A+ rating with the BBB and we’re proud to say that we treat each of our clients with integrity. We would be honored to assist you and to earn your business. Contact us today to schedule a free no obligation financial consultation.