Have you been putting off preparations?

·      Maybe it’s saving more money for retirement. Will you have enough money when you retire?

·      Maybe it’s finding the money to pay for your funeral, so your family doesn’t have worry about it. What will need to be taken care of when you pass?

·      Maybe you’re putting off figuring out how to wind down a tax-qualified account that may have big tax consequences. Is now the right time to cash out?

We all get busy doing our day-to-day business, and putting off tasks may be the easy thing to do today. However, this rarely leads to a good outcome. Being proactive could be one of the best decisions you will make. Moreover, your family will appreciate your prudence.

If we could help you find money that you are unknowingly and unnecessarily transferring away from yourself, would you want to discuss how these funds could be used to help you fund your retirement or plan your funeral? These are the types of conversations we have with people every week, and helping people navigate these dilemmas in our passion.

Did you know tax rates are relatively low? And we are constantly being bombarded with news that the government doesn’t have money. Whether it’s our expansive federal debt or funding Social Security, we can all agree that the government is running deficits, and where is the first place Uncle Sam will look for more money? Understanding how to deal with financial accounts that have grown tax-deferred is a key to getting your financial house in order. We can help you navigate this issue, and help you understand what is best for you.