Something has shifted. Those with eyes to see and discernment can feel the tectonic shift that is happening. The easiest example to observe is the 21.5% increase in the price of silver, because during geopolitical turmoil physical precious metals move up in price.

The spot price of silver in 2016. Using London Fix pricing. 

The spot price of silver in 2016. Using London Fix pricing. 


The Dow Jones Propaganda average took a sharp dive at the beginning of the year when the Federal Reserve raised interest rates 0.25%. It took three to four months of pumping money into the stock market for the Fed to create a rally to compensate for the small uptick in interest rates.

During this time significant financial players have quietly been talking about what the global economy will do if negative interest rates are introduced to the American economy. We do not value Warren Buffett’s advice, because his unabated love for the stock market is clearly misguided. However, on Saturday when being interviewed by CNBC he was asked about what he would do if the Fed instituted negative interest rates, and he said he’d take his money out of the bank.

When people like Buffett, Alan Greenspan, current Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, and others speak of negative interest rates, these are test balloons that are meant to gauge the public’s reaction to the floated ideas. Also it’s to soften the idea to bank depositors so that when the confiscation/tax/fee/whatever you want to call it begins, it will not be as surprising.

Mark Milley is the Army’s current chief of staff. In a speech to ROTC students on April 22nd he said, "If the world of 1916 was complex (World War 1 era) or the world of 1945 (World War 2 era), then the world of 2016 is intensely complex. And I can tell you that from personal experience, and I know there are many others who can tell you that as well. And you’re going to be in that world and you’re going to be leading sailors, airmen, and the Marines in that world. You’ll be dealing with terrorists. You’ll be dealing with hybrid armies. You’ll be dealing with little green men. You’re going be dealing with tribes. You’ll be dealing with national leaders and local leaders.” Was this a warning? It sounds like a foretelling of the next world war or some type of cryptic language about the divisions in the next war.

TreeceCo thrives in times of geopolitical uncertainty and when turmoil arises because our clients have safeguards against what may happen. They are not subject to the Dow Jones Propaganda average. They have financial guarantees, contracts on their money, or something tangible that they can see, feel, and touch. These are the things bank savers and stock market investors do not have. There are way too many important things that we need to worry about in life to have to subject our financial resources to the same worry. You can be set free from worry over whether you’ll lose it all.