We’ve been warning you about what the mainstream media has refused to tell you. Now PBS is warning that Bank of America could easily go out of business.

The article pointedly states that ever since October 20, 1987, when former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan began trying to soften the blows of economic hardships, the result has been worse problems. The article states, “The trouble with trying to make the world safe for stupidity is that it creates fragility.”


It goes on to explain that America would have been better off to have allowed itself to go into a small depression rather than delaying the inevitable large depression. The longer we wait the harder the fall will be.

When you were a child, did you ever disobey your mother, and have her say “wait until your father gets home”? The anticipation of the disciplinary action coming made the rest of your day feel like you were walking on ice. This is exactly where America is. We are in a fragile state waiting to reap the consequences of our greed.

There are three simple ways that you can begin equipping yourself with and preparing for the “inevitable depression” as the PBS article states.