The TreeceCo Report by Tony Treece

Are we circling the drain? When I went out for dinner last Friday night, it was hard to believe our economy is circling the drain. It was so was hard to find a spot at the first restaurant that we circled the lot and drove to the next place. The same day the Drudge Report, a news aggregator, had the following top headlines:

  • Record 94,610,00 Americans Not in the Labor Force
  • Participation Rate Lowest Since 1977
  • Record 56,647,000 Women not working
  • Jobs Up ONLY for IMMIGRANTS; Down 262,000 For "Native-Born"
  • Payrolls Disaster...
  • "Fed never going to raise rates..."
  • Bank Stocks Tumble
  • Markets at 'panic levels'....

On Friday the latest jobs report came out, revealing that nearly 1 in 3 Americans are not working, and yet the Dow Jones closed Friday 200 points up. Don't forget that Russia's Vladimir Putin called Obama's bluff andbegan bombing ISIS inside Syria, a group America has funded to overthrow Bashar al-Assad.

Much speculation surrounds why America wants al-Assad removed as the leader of Syria while Russia wants him to stay. Most believe Russia is piping oil to Europe via Syria, and America wants it cut off. However, al-Assad will not go along with America's demands, dating back to at least 2013. Therefore, ISIS was created by funneling guns and vehicles to the radical Islamic terrorists, and others believe we are poking around in Syria to rob them of their gold as we did in Libya. We all know that resulted in the Benghazi scandal that Obama and Hillary have yet to answer for.

Russia has bombed Syria and taken out ISIS's headquarters, and Putin has told American officials to keep our planes out of the way. Obama's pride will eventually cause America to enter a conflict it will not win.

This is leading to a gold-backed currency, and BRICS countries are racing towards accumulating as much gold as possible. The dollar being the world's reserve currency is on the way out, and our standard of living will drastically change when the war is over and the new currency arises. Remember, the dollar as the world's reserve currency was agreed upon at the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944 after World War II. The new coalition of countries will meet after a bloody war, and America may be able to go along or it may be totally left out. Probably the latter, because of the hostility towards America the world has about the years of demands we have placed on other countries.

The reason the restaurants are filled and people have money to spend is because at least five trillion new dollars have been created since 2008. Much of this money has trickled into the stock market, and mutual fund holders and stockholders have seen amazing returns. Many in the upper middle class have become better off while those in the lower middle class have become drastically poorer.

I hope Wall Street investors are cashing out as they go because as quickly as that money was created it can disappear. The Wall Street System of Retirement will make us all losers, and when the rug is pulled out from under the house of cards most people will see at least a 50% drop in their stocks and mutual funds. Remember, the Dow was around 6,000 in 2008. Do you honestly think a 10,000-point radical growth will see no correction? In reality, anticipating a 50% drop is a conservative estimate.

Many people understand that the market is on the precipice of a huge decline. In the article linked HERE it reveals that "$63 billion fleeing mutual funds just in the past three months." We implore you to get out of the stock market and if you think parking your money in a bank is the solution watch THIS presentation to understand why that's not a good idea. The circling of the drain is going slowly enough for you to get out right now, but there is reason to believe we're on limited time.