On Saturday angry protesters blocked roadways in Arizona to prevent Donald Trump supporters from attending a rally the candidate was hosting. It’s not uncommon to read of fist fights breaking out at Trump’s rallies. Visceral emotions have taken over many people’s rationality.

This is not the first time name-calling and slander have been prevalent in America’s history. Back in 1856 during Congressional and state legislature debates, the “fire-eaters,” the most contentious toward the North and most willing to secede, frequently came close to inciting riots. Rebukes and even brandishing weapons rhetorically or literally were common. The fury came from both sides of the secession movement. Congressman Thaddeus Stevens was willing to make the entire South unlivable as opposed to allowing the South to peacefully secede.

Stevens said, “if the whole (South) must be ploughed under and salted so that no one will ever inhabit that territory again… I would rather, sir, reduce them (the South) to a condition where their whole country is to be repeopled than to perpetuate the destruction of this people (America) through our agency.” Preserving the Union was the most important thing, which created a precedent of federal overreach that has never been corrected. Our system of government went awry during this time, and many government issues can be attributed to illogical decisions during this time period.

Economist Martin Armstrong has been warning that we are entering a cycle of civil unrest, and the Trump phenomenon lends credence to this assertion. In an April 2014 post on his site, Armstrong asserted that the cycle would pick up momentum in the last quarter of 2015. From the rise of ISIS militants persecuting Christians in the Middle East and even bleeding into Europe we can clearly observe that the world is growing more aggressive. Armstrong states that the unrest began with the Cliven Bundy land grab in 2014 where local ranchers came to the aid of the Bundy family.

America seems to be a crossroads and Donald Trump is filling that space that lacked conclusive leadership, but let’s not forget Barack Obama has continually compared himself to Abraham Lincoln. The current president has done more to hurt America than any president in modern times.

These harbingers are not to be taken lightly, as we should prepare for the uncertain days ahead. During times of duress the stock market has been known to close, so the monthly check you may be receiving from your mutual funds would cease. And banks… In 2010 laws were passed to take your money. These two places are no place for the astute to park their money. We can help you financially prepare.