By Tony Treece

Our news cycles are swiftly accelerating. Every week lately it seems several major events are transpiring that necessitate our attention.

Billionaire Donald Trump who running for the Republican presidential nomination is dodging arrows left and right from the mainstream media and career politicians. His brash comments have been the center of focus, but his rationale should be examined more closely.

Let me preface this by saying, I don’t think Donald Trump is the best candidate and we certainly don’t endorse his antics. However, Trump understands how much Americans enjoy being entertained and the short attention span we have. And like a rising few he’s fed up with what America is becoming. His wealth affords him the opportunity to be able to project this rising sentiment and he understands how to engage lovers of entertainment. As a result he is changing the talking points that mainstream politicians generally gravitate towards.

His outlandish comments that have shards of truth in them irritate the establishment because they can’t control him. His ability to self-fund his campaign has allowed him to hammer Republicans for allowing illegal immigration and our expansive debt.

Trump even went so far as to say that unemployment is at least 20%. And declared in an MSNBC interview that we are in a huge stock market bubble, and said that we are killing our middle class. Then he went on to say that our trade agreements are killing us. Yes, our trade agreements are entangling us with other countries. The goal is to end American and contrast a “new world order.” Americas demise is purposeful and Trump is stating how awful it is.

The most recent candidate who held similarities was Ross Perot and the American voters initially swooned over his straight shooting stump speeches. Interestingly when Perot dropped is campaign in an ambiguous cloud of mystery as to why he was dropping out of the race. Did someone shut him up?

The last president who rallied around exposing the secret plot to enslave Americans was John F. Kennedy. You see the folks who are plotting our demise can’t have people like Kennedy, Perot, or Trump stopping the plot to steal America and her freedom. We are happy to see someone as vocal and bold as Trump stating these facts.