The TreeceCo Report

By Tony Treece

Last night at our monthly Coffee and Dessert event we discussed the dynamics of Estate Planning. Many retirees and pre-retirees are familiar with trust, wills, powers of attorney, and Estate Planning, but what most do not realize that is that all trusts are not equal.

Avoiding probate is essentially the most important aspect of Estate Planning and normally this is the reason for a Living Revocable Trust.

Attorneys, the AARP, and most trust experts agree that probate will cost anywhere from four to ten percent of your estate's value and can take twelve to eighteen months to settle. With proper estate planning, your heirs can bypass this cost (or tax) and time, and avoid estate stress during an emotional time.  

The trust that our attorneys recommend includes 222 must-have provisions. Sadly, your trust will not be put to the trust test until after you die. At that time it will be revealed whether you invested wisely, or not at all, or you did not get what you should have.

The 222 provisions will give you peace of mind that your trust has been prepared well, and that you are leaving a legacy of preparation. To set up a consultation to discuss estate planning call 855.534.4653.

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