David Treece

The American system has failed us. Reports began surfacing Sunday afternoon that FBI Director James Comey had cleared Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing in relation to sending and storing top secret correspondence on her private email server in her home.

The FBI had reopened an investigation after recent WikiLeaks revelations that Hillary’s confidante Huma Abedin’s estranged husband, defunct former Congressman Anthony Weiner, had Hillary’s classified emails on his personal computer. This pathetic saga makes Richard Nixon look angelic.

Rumors had circulated that this was nothing more than a political stunt to propel Hillary over the finish line right before the election. One of America’s top law enforcement agencies has jumped into political muck and mired itself, thereby failing you.

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Donald Trump is right. The system is rigged and the American system of Constitutional rights is the collateral damage. We see it on both ends of the spectrum.

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Republicans and Democrats alike constantly violate their oath to uphold the Constitution by supporting laws, legislation, and ideas that run contrary to the Constitution. The American system that was inscribed in the United States Constitution is all but dead.

The only legitimate role of government is to defend our God-given rights. The government does not give rights, our Creator does. The writers of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence understood this, but modern-day politicians do not understand this concept.

It’s imperative as we crest into the political unknown that you protect yourself, which includes your life savings. As we mentioned in our last email, principal protected life insurance contracts are a safer alternative to stock market volatility. Many people dabble in this field, but few are experts and bring 32 years of experience to the table. The stock market has doubled in the last ten years and is on an unsustainable track.

We’ve documented ad nauseam that money market accounts are not safe, and banks are over leveraged due to the Federal Reserve Bank’s money printing of the last decade. Times have changed. Sadly, many people are about to get left in the dust as they see their savings vanish like vapor.

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