There are so many scenarios where the world could change overnight.  What if the Saudis decide to price their oil in a basket of currencies, instead of the dollar?  This would radically change things overnight.  The US would see massive inflation in that scenario.

When I look at all these problems developing around the world, I can't tell you the price of gold will go straight up from here, but it's going to go a lot higher over time.  The world is going to be needing another reserve currency because the US is no longer going to be able to singlehandedly monitor the world. 

Sadly, I think it's going to end in tears for this country.  The US is at a disadvantage, and one of the pillars that has allowed the US to retain the world's reserve currency is now falling.  This means the world is in a very fragile state and anything could happen overnight.  As the world moves toward another alternative to the dollar, I think this will only increase the instability.  

Through all of this turmoil gold will resume its place as the top currency in the world.  But most importantly, as the dollar falls, investors must have physical gold and silver in their portfolios to preserve their purchasing power of their assets."

- Stephen Leeb, King World News, February 25, 2014