David Treece

David Treece

Warnings abound. Smart money has exited the stock market and banks as evidenced by a recent CBS News article, “Stocks keep reaching new heights, and investors keep giving them the side eye. Even as the Standard & Poor’s 500 index was setting a string of records through July, nearly as many dollars were leaving stock funds as entering. Investors are still skeptical of a market that hurt them so painfully during the 2008 financial crisis.”

Many people are aware of the disastrous fate they and others experienced in the 2000 dot com bubble bust and again in 2008 during the housing crisis bubble and are wisely reluctant to gamble with their savings. In today’s age of political uncertainty and civil unrest, shrewd investors are prudent to avoid financial vehicles they cannot control.

As if the above stated factors were not enough to cause the most daring individual to feel skittish, we don’t have to look long to see that we are like clinical mice being experimented on with the continual wealth redistribution plots that continue to come to light. Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign expanded on Barack Obama’s “share the wealth” mentality that we have been forced to endure, but let’s not forget that Bernie and Barry’s goals would have never been possible if the banking elite had not conspired to create our central bank that we call the Federal Reserve.

We have written and spoken extensively on how inflation had little to no impact on the average American’s life prior to 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created. The Panic of 1907, which entailed bank runs, widespread bankruptcy, and widespread economic turmoil, was enough of a scare for the American population to allow Senator Nelson Aldrich, who was the Chair of the powerful U.S. Senate Finance Committee, to create an opaque organization that would take over Congress’s Constitutional obligation to control monetary policy. Whether we realize it or not, this rogue group of central bankers has reaped significant horror on every American alive today, and arguably every person who has lived in modern society since the Federal Reserve’s creation.

Admit it or not, our country’s police are more militarized and Obama is achieving his desire of having a civilian law enforcement agency that’s just as powerful as the U.S. military with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Did you know that the legislation to create DHS had been sitting idle in Congress since the late 1990s? We know now that this was the biggest law change in fifty years at the time, and government secrecy and individual liberty decreased due to government surveillance. This resulted from exploited fear from the September 11th attacks that a terrorist may be waiting behind every corner. 

militarized fbi

Former Congressman Ron Paul said in his book A Foreign Policy of Freedom, "Fear, usually orchestrated by government, is a powerful catalyst. Fear makes the people demand protection from every sinister evil lurking around the corner that's about to attack us. The embodiment of evil may well be a single demented individual, halfway around the world. Though incapable of attacking anyone, such an individual stirs up irrational stirs up irrational fears and encourages policies over time that are not in our best interest. When the people of a nation are fearful and insecure, it allows bullies in government to throw their weight around with promises of safety. Confidence and true strength, by contract, encourage humility."

What will be the next event that happens? Whatever it is, your retirement savings could be collateral damage if you are subjecting them to the stock market and banks. This time in history is not the appropriate time to take risks. We can help you minimize your risk exposure and give you financial growth when others are losing their money in the stock market.