The TreeceCo Report 

By Tony Treece

I began warning people about the economic decline in 1999. In the last 15 years I have seen an irrefutable steady fiscal decline.

There has never been any doubt that the U.S. economy is heading for utter ruin and collapse. The only question is what will be the event that finally causes it. In my humble opinion I believe we have violated God’s natural law for far too long to not reap the consequences of our wayward actions.

Much like the implosion of a large building is our economy, but once the crumbling begins, it will be catastrophic. It is easy to dismiss the impending disaster because of the latent nature of the thin sheet of ice that has formed.

The problem lies in whether people view our present economic circumstances as coincidence and believe that we have a truly free market. However, when you understand that there is a deliberate motivation to collapse America, then what I say will resonate.

The 2008 financial crash continues today as orchestrated. Yes, I am saying the financial crisis was orchestrated to strip the U.S. of her reserve currency status and to insert a governing body like the International Monetary Fund (IMF). An organization that has blanket influence and ultimately authority but does not have America’s sovereignty in its interest will eventually have control of the global monetary system.

The destruction of the dollar as the reserve currency is needed to usher in the new global world, but those grasping for power long to fight endless wars to suppress countries who advocate for a “de-Americanized” world.

The American populace is constantly inundated with fear tactics and conditioned to accept global financial control and the loss of their country’s sovereignty.

We must understand that the Federal Reserve does not, as they claim, exist to help stabilize our economy or currency. Once you understand that their mission statement is a farce you can begin to understand that certain recent policy initiatives make sense.

Last year we saw at least three events that could have sent America into total collapse: the possible invasion of Syria, the Feds’ announcement of tapering, and debt ceiling debate that nearly led to default.

Luckily, the Obama Administration could not muster support for a Syrian invasion because of the liberty movement that denied him public support. It was well noted that Assad was not gassing his people; rather it was Al-Qaeda, and the U.S. government had Senator John McCain go to the Middle East to negotiate with the terrorist organization’s leader.

Currently $20 billion has been trimmed from the $85 billion per month bond buying program that the Fed orchestrated. There are very real and hidden motives behind the taper. We are beginning to see the impact in emerging markets, as investors are no longer willing to make risky investments.

The Fed taper was begun to prepare for the slowdown in the global markets that was already becoming uncontrollable. Central bankers have been aware of the slowdown and are seeking to insulate themselves. It is interesting that the taper began as global manufacturing has begun to decrease and that retail sales in the last quarter of 2013 were dismal. I do not believe it was coincidence that the Fed just happened to begin tapering as these negative indicators began surfacing.

The taper takes pressure off banks by diverting the responsibility for the crisis elsewhere. If a collapse happens while stimulus money printing is at full speed, then it becomes an indictment on the bankers. The unknowing people would be questioning the central bank’s practices and there might validly linger. The Fed is creating a buffer zone between itself and the economy to prevent being blamed for the trigger event that is forthcoming.

The claims of recovery are nonsense to anyone who will look barely below the surface. Look at the real unemployment numbers, household wage decline, and record low personal savings of Americans. The taper is not a sign of the improving economy but a signal for the next stage of the collapse.

The stock market has seen a significant decline recently because the stimulus money only has an effect for so long. The Fed will probably continue to taper as stocks continue their decline and will not restart until the public is shell-shocked and at that point we may be too close to default to start it back again. Then IMF aid would come to the rescue. Of course national sovereignty would take its biggest blow yet.

These are obvious warning signs that it is time to prepare or get out of the system. At this point, if you are still participating, you are passively saying you are willing to lose what you have saved. Don’t be victimized. Protect yourself now!