At our March 8th client only lunch seminar we will go over why you became a TreeceCo client and explain why what you did was wise. Our goal is to empower you with second to none client education, and we want to equip you with the ability to be ambassadors in the cause of helping others protect their financial resources. Click here to register now.

We will review with you and help you understand our strategies. It’s no secret that we do not get paid like the mainstream big brokerage chain financial advisors. We get paid one time while the guys with green awnings normally skim fees off your account. The way that we get paid is when you refer your friends and family to us.

We have some of the best clients an advisor could hope for, and many of you tell your friends about us. That’s why we are having this special client only meeting, to empower you with the tools and understanding necessary to explain to others what you are doing financially.

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Also we understand that questions arise so we want to answer any questions you have during this session. However, as always you’re more than welcome to call our office with your questions. We are in the process of calling our clients for reviews. If we have not called you yet to set up an annual review, please call us to get moved to the front of the line.

The best part about the March 8th seminar is that we will explain why no Wall Street or bank investment can offer a GUARANTEED INCOME FOR LIFE, but our strategies give you this peace of mind. Even in the face of the impeding stock market collapse.

The 2008 crash happened because of a lack of knowledge, but with our client education you do not have be in the sinking boat that most people will drown in. During President Obama’s recent State of the Union address you could see Wall Street grasping to regain integrity it lost in 2008.

Most people do not understand what you do... They do not understand the goal of retirement saving. The goal of retirement planning cannot be overstated. GUARANTEED INCOME FOR LIFE. If your advisor has not told you about this, it’s time for him to practice on someone else.

It’s all about income. Without it you can’t sustain life, you can’t live without anxiety, and your choices will be limited until the day you die. Help is only a phone call away. Sign up today for our March 8th client only lunch seminar!