The TreeceCo Report 

By Tony Treece

The United States faces "fundamental fiscal challenges" stemming from the growth in spending for Social Security and major health care programs."*CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf, March 19, 2014

We’ve seen the Social Security storm clouds gathering for years, but as an aging population, a declining labor-force participation rate, an economy that is in a non-recovery five years after the “recession ended.”

CBO Director Elmendorf went on to say, "So we have a choice as a society to either scale back those programs relative to what is promised under current law; or to raise tax revenue above its historical average to pay for the expansion of those programs; or to cut back on all other spending even more sharply than we already are.”

The writing is on the wall that Social Security is going to change. It has to. And the question I pose to you is, “Will you be ready?”

Elmendorf goes on to say that the these changes will be painful, and giving people the most amount of time to adapt would be prudent. The problem with that is we have few in Congress courageous enough to purpose policy that would alter Social Security, because that could prohibit their reelection.

In a world that lacks guarantees I can be your guide in helping guarantee that you’ll have money with the retirement savings you have. If you are drawing Social Security today and are invested in the stock market or mutual funds your exposure to risk is unfathomable. 

Imagine creating a plan with you nest egg that you can be guaranteed to never outlive. The thought of running out of money or having to depend on family during your golden years does not even have to be a thought. 

What are you earning on your savings at the bank? Imagine having the ability to earn 4% minimum in bad years. Not to speak of the safety issue. The type of savings vehicles I speak have never had a participant lose their principle. What other vehicle that you can have your money can say that? 

So you can’t lose your money, you earn at least 4% as an income benefit, and you can never outlive your money. Why are you waiting to secure you money?    

*For clarification the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is a non-partisan policy organization that advises Congress on outcomes of policy.