By Tony and David Treece

Do you ever feel trapped? Like you can’t get out of a situation and you really just want it to stop or you want to leave? That’s what the State of the Union address Obama gave last Tuesday felt like. Our great leader has not been able to successfully work with Congress since he was elected, and for that reason his first two years in office were the only two in which Democrats have had complete control.

The most startling lie Obama told was, “Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction.” We have exhaustively outlined in this newsletter the decline of the economy. Nevertheless, a few facts:

  • Today (Friday) it was announced that discount super-retailer Wal-Mart will close hundreds of stores. Clearly not a sign of a robust economy.
  • Even mainstream media hack CNBC stated today that the S&P 500 is off to its worst start ever, and the article continues to say a worse recession than 2008 is coming. Are you ready?
  • The number of people working today is the lowest it’s been in 38 years. Only 62.6% of able-bodied workers are working. Of those, if the number who are working part-time jobs but need or want full-time jobs was revealed, we would learn that many people are under-employed.
  • Oil prices continue to fall because of the global glut. This is causing many jobs to be cut and oil companies to go out of business. They are forced to file for bankruptcy because their cost of doing business is higher than the price to sell.

Obama went on to say, “What is true - and the reason that a lot of Americans feel anxious - is that the economy has been changing in profound ways, changes that started long before the Great Recession hit and haven’t let up.” The changes he references are trade deals like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). You see, in the 1990s when Republicans and Democrats joined together to pass NAFTA, it was the death blow to manufacturing jobs in the U.S. I don’t have to convince you of this. Just ride around any old manufacturing town in the Carolinas.

Politicians are so polluted by the D.C. cesspool that it’s hard for them to even understand what they did. John Kasich, the Ohio Governor who is running a milquetoast campaign for the Presidency, remembered with glee his support of NAFTA during the Republican debate Thursday.

And TPP will do worse once king Obama finally puts his insignia upon it. The point of these trade deals is to create dependence on other countries. Then the one-world government can be put in force. Obama’s goal is to kill America’s sovereignty and to make each of us dependents.

Some arguers may say what Obama was referencing was the speed of technological advancement and he was explaining how it has changed everything. We’ll concede that point, but let us remember we were warned in 1958 by the author of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, that rapid advancements in technology would be used to control. More oversight will be necessary, government keepers will say. In fact, in North Carolina our own U.S. Senator, Richard Burr, believes all of our communication should be controlled. Thank God voters in N.C. will have an opportunity on March 15th to send Senator Burr home by voting for Cary doctor Greg Brannon.

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