Do you ever wonder? With our technology crazed lifestyles it’s easy to never wonder anymore. We can instantly find answers on Google or the Internet. Sometimes I wonder if it’s sucked the creativity out of our culture. Or at least stymied our ability to question.

Do you think things could escalate with Russia, Syria, or Iran? Imagine America siding with Iran and pitting itself against Israel. It’s not a far stretch… Obama has consistently been sympatric to Iran. Rumors of wars are consistently permeating the news media cycles, and they have since the inception of America.

Did you know at the onset of World War One European countries began selling their positions in the NYSE to raise money for their war efforts. This sent the stock market crashing down.

As a result the United States government closed the stock market for four months. I guess stock market investors didn’t have to worry about paying taxes on their qualified plans or capital gains taxes… It’s hard to pay taxes on an account you have no access to.

Having a contract on your money is invaluable. Knowing the worst it can get with your accounts is invaluable. Ask yourself, “What is the most I could lose in any given account?” If you can’t answer that, be alarmed. Having a guaranteed commitment for how your money will grow is also invaluable.

If you don’t have a contract on your money there is no obligation for those who hold it to truly act as a fiduciary. Take control of your savings. Your money is not the stockbroker’s, banker’s, or Uncle Obama’s. Take control!