Tony Treece

By Tony Treece
Change is exciting! And we have some big changes to announce this week, but allow me to tell you a story to explain. In 1984 I began my career helping people plan for the future by showing them the need to plan for “what ifs.” Naturally this led me to enter the insurance industry, and during the 1980s and early 1990s I helped literally thousands of people with their Medicare supplement insurance and health insurance, and I was really enjoying it. But then I got nervous.
As you will recall, in 1992 Bill and Hillary Clinton were elected and seemingly immediately began talking about nationalized healthcare. This was extremely troubling for me because I was making my living selling health insurance. We understand now that during this period of time the idea of government mandated health insurance was in its infancy, and nobody knew how it would all play out. I didn’t know if supplemental insurance was going away, but every time Hillary opened her mouth about the subject I would cringe.
Not wanting to be put out of business, I determined it was time to begin figuring out another way to help people prepare for the unexpected. My mother, Linda, took over my Medicare supplement clients and until last year she was servicing those clients and adding to the business. I became securities licensed to sell stocks, bonds, and mutual funds and started down that path. This was around 1993, and like most things I do, I hit the ground running.
This went well, and as many of you will recall I pulled my clients out of the stock market before the 2000 stock market crash. This started a new chapter in helping people with better alternatives to stock market investments and we’ve been at that ever since.
We began warning you last year that new government regulations could again limit our ability to help our clients with their finances. It’s like a broken record… The government continually “fixing” things that the free market could remedy better than any government solution. You can read more about our first warning here:
So we are coming full circle. We are in the process of coming back to the Medicare supplement insurance industry for several reasons, which I’ll quickly outline here. We have been aware that many of our clients are confused about Medicare and do not have adequate help with figuring it out.
Second, we want to grow our business and help more people in the same ways we’ve helped many of you with your retirement savings.
Third, as I’ve mentioned, the government normally thinks it knows what’s best for us, and our ability to help our clients could be severally hampered by the Department of Labor Fiduciary rule that I alluded to earlier in this article. It went into effect on June 9th.

There is nothing to worry about if you’re already our client, but if you’re not you should be worried. The counsel you get concerning how to save your money will be changing. We can help you, but we need to meet with you soon.
Change is exciting and we’re eagerly anticipating where our new path will take us.

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