By David Treece

TreeceCo’s next seminar will be at El Vallarta Mexican Restaurant. Read below.

Our October 11th free dinner seminar is shaping up to be a spectacular presentation! However, we must warn you about a few things before you attend, because this presentation will drastically alter what many people believe to be steadfast truth. To the victors go the ability to write history, and this has absolutely been the case in the War Between the States.

David Treece

Last week we briefly stated that the President Abraham Lincoln most of us learned about in school was not the actual Lincoln. The character we learned about was a fictional representation of a man who had a rotten soul.

In fact, Congressman Clement L. Vallandigham, who represented Dayton, Ohio in the 1860s, said Lincoln’s dealings were “wicked” and “cunning” and a “dangerous violation of that very Constitution which this civil war is professedly waged to support.”

And there was no precedent for Lincoln’s war to disregard the U.S. Constitution and centralize the government. Vallandigham said Lincoln’s actions “would have cost any English sovereign his head at any time within the last two hundred years.”

Congressman Vallandigham stated these things in a speech that ultimately caused him to suffer great hardship. Lincoln had suspended the habeas corpusthat required people who were accused of a crime and arrested to have a swift pronouncement of a whether they should continue to be detained. This protects people from being illegally detained. Vallandigham was arrested and detained illegally. The rational for Lincoln to have him arrested was his support for the South leaving the Union. Imagine this being the case today. This very writing could have me detained!

One of the Congressman’s most stinging rebukes was that Lincoln’s acts were not to free slaves or save the Union. He stated, “national banks [Federal Reserve], bankrupt laws, a vast and permanent public debt [$19 trillion], high tariffs, heavy direct taxation [40% income tax+], enormous expenditure [ObamaCare], gigantic and stupendous peculation [embezzlement: Obama’s vacations]… and strong government… no more State lines, and a consolidated monarchy [Obama’s executive orders] or vast centralized military despotism [overthrowing Iraq and Libyan governments].”

Careful observation of the above statement will prove that this is exactly what we have today. TreeceCo Financial is uniquely positioned to help retirement savers deal with the challenges that came to fruition because of Lincoln’s aggression. The system described above is what we have, and as economist Murray Rothbard stated, the public must be intentionally miseducated in order for our present system of government to survive and work.

At TreeceCo we make it our goal to educate the public, so they will be better equipped to make sound financial decisions. We will expand much more on this at our October 11th seminar, which you are invited to attend.

We are changing things up in October! Our free dinner seminar will be at El Vallarta Mexican Restaurant in Carolina Mall in Concord, North Carolina. Arguably the best Mexican restaurant in Concord, we think you’re going to love it… especially your taste buds.

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