In an unlikely turn of events that is likely to change the dynamics of savings and investing for people everywhere, the people of the United Kingdom overwhelmingly voted to leave the European Union conglomerate of nations! The stock market is in for a wild ride today and we have been told local bankers were given their talking points for how to speak to depositors yesterday. We are getting direct information this morning from one of the world’s largest bank’s location in downtown Charlotte that the banks systems are “freezing up” because of the EU volatility.

Stockbrokers and average financial advisors or risk advisors, as we often refer to them, will tell their clients to “hold on… hold on! It’s going to come back.” UK bondholders are rushing to sell their holdings; they are rushing to buy US bonds. We project this will drive the US stock market up but it will be a façade and larger dips are coming. We project that the US stock market will experience a “dead cat bounce.” This will have a huge impact on the life savings of many people.


 World leaders are accelerating fear propaganda campaigns. In the UK, leaders used fear and coercion to try to manipulate voters into staying in the entrapping union. American leaders have echoed similar things, and as dips in the stock market increase, leaders will use fear as a means to lobby for greater government intervention and growth. The BREXIT vote is a major setback for the elite like Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller Jr. who have worked tireless to promote a one world government.

TreeceCo Financial representatives are standing by to help weary stock market investors sell their mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. Our representatives can help guide you to safe havens that are not subjected to risk.

When a stock broker tells you to “hold on hold on,” ask him or her how much money you’ll have to earn back to break even. If you lose 50%, you have to make 100% to break even. The stock market creates financial losers. Get out now! Remember when it does bounce back today, it will only be a temporary.