If you were at our Open House in January, you heard an explanation of this chart. It depicts how similar today’s stock market is to the stock market in 1929 that led up the Great Depression. Now the mainstream media is picking up on it, but ever so subtly.


As new Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen spoke today, the stock market surged over two hundred points. She assured investors that the easy money would continue. And with no recovery underway the illusion of a stabilizing economy persists.

Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner is encouraging his Republican caucus to pass a debt ceiling increase as Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has stated the government will be out of money soon. The Speaker is bowing to President Obama again by not getting any concessions from the Democrats. Obama with totalitarian regime tendencies has insisted that he will not negotiate cuts during budget talks.

But that’s all right, because he said he today he can do whatever he wants. Feeling pushback from business leaders, Obama is delaying parts of the Affordable Health Care Act until 2016. You would think since he has violated the Constitution over twenty times by changing ObamaCare that House Republicans would at least rattle their impeachment swords. With John Boehner at the helm that will never happen.

If you haven’t protected your assets and begun preparing your life for the new economy, today is the day to start. Do it now!