BREAKING: JP Morgan Chase bank has been cyber attacked. The FBI is investigating the scope of the attacks. Four major banking institutions along with JP Morgan have been attacked according to a Reuters report this morning.

Our readers know we have been warning you that bank accounts and brokerage accounts are vulnerable to cyber attacks, and we've spoken extensively about the possibility of these attacks at our monthly seminars. We've assisted many clients in moving millions of dollars out of banks and brokerage accounts where they were susceptible to being stolen.

Remember one year ago the Wall Street NASDAQ was grounded for three hours during normal operating hours due to an "unexplained glitch." This was the longest shutdown in recent memory. This attack was just a test to see how the market would react.

Then major media outlet the Huffington Post was recently taken offline due to an attack. Approximately nine months ago the American government was accusing Syria of the attacks and insinuating that this was a cause for concern.

Today Bloomberg reports that the Feds are determining whether Russia is tied to the attacks on JP Morgan. Clearly the government does not appreciate Russia playing the Obama administration as a neophyte, and a new Cold War would be an excellent distraction from the imploding US economy.

If you recall from our seminars, Federal Reserve Governor Jeremy Stein indicated that there would be no more bank bail-outs, but there would be bank bail-ins. Meaning depositors would pay to bail banks out when they fail.

Stein said in a speech, "Perhaps more to the point for Too Big To Fail Banks, if a Systematically Important Financial Institution does fail I have little doubt that private investors will in fact bear the losses--even if this leads o an outcome that is messier and more costly to society than we would ideally like."

At our next seminar on September 11th we will discuss the groundwork that was laid to make way for these attacks. The path leading up to the attacks is clear, and your eyes will be opened to what the government is desensitizing us to.

Insiders know to get out of the stock market and banks.They will not be victimized and taken advantage of, and you do not have to be either. You cannot afford to procrastinate. You must prepare your finances today! Protect yourself now!