You’ve got decisions to make. Everyone’s tolerance for risk is different. Your decision is, do you want to be in the stock market when it’s going up or do you want to be in stock market when it’s going down?

TreeceCo is in the business of guarantees, and giving you the ability to eliminate risk. You can eliminate 50% of your risk by making that one simple decision.


You may say “I’ll get out when the market goes down” or “I’ll sell part of my position.” Why would you want to sell when you are the loser? Locking in to your gains while participating in the market could be an option for you.

When the market goes down or crashes you will be in a long line of sellers, and most likely you’ll be left without a buyer for your stocks and mutual funds. When you realize or appreciate safety, allow TreeceCo to show you how we can help you create an income for the rest of your life.

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