Most people do not understand what you do, because you understand that GUARANTEED INCOME FOR LIFE is the goal of retirement planning. If you didn't see last week's newsletter where we began explaining this, click here to read it. And be sure to register for our client-only meeting on March 8th. Click here to register.

Wall Street and the media are a powerful propaganda machine that has ruined the retirement dreams of many people. Even now, with the economy teetering into an all-out collapse, conventional Wall Street investment advisors state there is no fundamental reason for the stock market to be down as it has been since the beginning of January. We've seen an advisor state this firsthand. I don't know about you, but it was way too hard to earn my money to allow someone who lacks basic understanding of the market to manage it.

I'm sure you already understand this because you understand that it's all about income.

1. You can't sustain your life without income in your retirement.
2. You can't live without anxiety unless you have income in your retirement.
3. Without income in your retirement, the choices you have are limited.

Therefore our clients understand that they can't allow their money to be managed by someone who cannot help them create income when they need it most.


This may sound crazy, but most of our friends and neighbors have no idea how they will create an income during their retirement. Many people have bought into the hope so's and special formulas about bull years and bear years that conventional brokerage firms peddle. It's not their fault. Wall Street has politicians, the mainstream media, employer 401k plans, and misinformed brokers all on board to sell the same message. Imagine how difficult this makes our job in providing education like this. That's why we need you to be our brand ambassadors.

What will happen to many retirees is they will get to their golden years only to realize that the last stock market crash or all the fees coming out of their accounts have diminished their aspirations of spending their retirement with the grandchildren or volunteering more at their church because they have to go back to work. They did not have a plan to create income in retirement. Luckily, as our client you've taken steps to avoid these common pitfalls. At our March 8th client-only seminar we will go into more depth on these topics .