David Treece

There is never a bad time to have your savings in safe havens. With the election of Donald Trump, the stock market, bond market, and precious metals markets have been erratic. Stock and mutual fund investors have had to eagerly peer at their brokerage accounts wondering if the market would continue to set record highs. With each click of the mouse they should wonder if this is the day they will lose it all.

When your 401k or IRA is invested in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, you can lose it all. Plus, bank savers are being treated like common criminals on a more regular basis. Asked why they want “the” money when they try to withdraw it, etc.

The coming Trump administration, while good in many ways, is certain to bring about wild market swings due to The Donald’s attempts to “drain the swamp.” He has said that the low interest rate environment we’ve experienced for years should end, and when he nominates a Federal Reserve Bank chair who will raise rates, you’ll hear a giant sucking sound on your 401k and IRAs that are invested in the stock market as they are drained along with the rest of the stock market swamp.

Safe haven savings tools are important all the time. The historic stock market gains will be short-lived. Think about the fact that the stock market has been on an artificial upward path since the last stock market crash in 2008. The downslide is coming sooner rather than later. How many years will it take you to recover? Don’t live with the suspense. Get up from the gambling table in haste.

Donald Trump