David Treece

By David Treece 

Many people are optimistic that a new day is dawning in America. People outside of the urban centers understand that globalization has been detrimental to America’s economy, and some people are waking to the reality that cheaper products don’t necessarily help as much as having industry and jobs.

I, like many people, believed the lie of the media that Hillary Clinton was surging to victory, but we were thrown a curveball when Donald Trump ascended to the White House. One thing is for certain: since the moment it became evident that he was winning the election it’s been a roller coaster of “what’s next?” On election night, when he started winning the stock market futures dipped, but now the market has risen to record heights. What’s the stock market going to do next? We can help it not matter for you, because your money is safe and growing regardless of how the market performs.

Donald Trump has been loose with his words and quick to jab anyone who questions his authority. The list of foes seems to grow daily, and while this is entertaining and the old way of doing politics needs to be shattered… I just wonder how we are all going to be impacted by President Trump’s assertiveness.

Morning in America

The civil unrest and protest, which became normal during Obama’s reign, seem to be heating up even more. Politico ran an article this week with the title “Republicans fear for their safety as Obamacare protests grow.” The truth is that career politicians are more worried about their next election than their safety. But the point remains that protests like what we saw after the inauguration are becoming normal.

Historically, about every decade the stock market takes a dive. Due to the government’s intervention in the economy after the last decline we are experiencing a huge stock market bubble.

Just this week a client stopped by our office who is 84 years old. We helped him get out of the stock market last year, but he was thinking he got out too soon now that the market has continued to go up. He admitted that he worried about whether he’d lose money in the market, but he knew he couldn’t make up losses like he sustained to his money in the dot-com stock market crash or the mortgage meltdown crash. Getting out a day, a year, or many years too early is a great problem to have. The reason is simple, because you are not going backwards financially.