"There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt or vile men." - Austrian Economist Ludwig von Mises (1881 - 1973) 

Ludwig von Mises

This somber reminder seems more and more pertinent as time marches on. Last week mainstream news agencies reported the American military offloaded fifty tons of ammunition and grenades in Syria for the rebels to use. Propaganda proponents would have us believe that these were for the "moderate" rebels, but the last time I checked there was no such thing as "moderate" Muslims. They are all radical and want to kill those who disagree. If you recall, the ISIS Muslim Jihadists are persecuting Christians in unconceivable ways in Syria now.

More alarming is that reports are indicating that the Syrian refugees have little to no vetting before being admitted to other countries, and they speak little English, which exacerbates figuring out whether America and other countries are allowing radical Jihadists to take refuge in other countries. While the humanitarian side of helping endangered people strikes a chord with most of my Christian brothers and sisters, we would be wise to understand that America is playing both sides of the "war on terrorism." Remember, stripping sovereignty from independent countries through open borders is a foundational tenant to those seeking a new world order.

Contrast these things with the mainstream media reporting that unemployment is down to 5.1%, although I've yet to find anybody who actually believes that is accurate. Perhaps a more accurate metric is the "labor force participation rate" which is at a forty-year low. If pundits were forthcoming enough to discuss this we could have an honest conversation, but if we truly went down that path we would understand that there is nothing that can be done, outside of an all-out collapse.

An economic collapse is necessary because since the "economic recovery" began global debt has exploded by $60 trillion, and government dependence is at an all-time high. The American Dream will be a bygone subject the next generation learns about in high school American history.

People with ideas and initiative to start new enterprises are being hit with tyrannical government regulation. Did you know that Blue Cross, a North Carolina health insurance provider, has asked the insurance commissioner for a 35% rate increase for 2016? When did healthcare become a tax?

The Teamsters Union recently stated that their pension fund will be broke in fifteen years. The reasons are simple. There are not enough workers contributing to the fund, and zero percent interest rate policy has led to their funds' underperformance. If bureaucrats were honest, the same could be said of municipal and teacher pensions, and this is all while stock market is at all-time highs. Nothing could make less logical sense. The next crash or correction will have far-reaching implication for pension funds and could lead to their demises in less than the fifteen years the Teamsters calculate. If you're collecting these pensions, plan for the worst but hope for the best.

The government being able to create more debt has created the illusion of solvency, but a cursory examination shows deep-rooted problems that will lead to an economic collapse.

When it's revealed that the last seven years have been nothing but an experiment, people are going to want contracts on their money, food, water, and real money like gold and silver. The growing trend will be towards guarantees and not stock market "hope so's."

It's clear to see that you must protect your savings and retirement nest egg. America and the world are on a calculated demise, and people with money in the stock market and banks are in the crosshairs. One day, you'll wake up and "Pop!" And the Wall Street System of Retirement will have made you a loser if you were still partaking.