A New Year’s resolution you’ll thank us for.

Your financial advisor is probably like a lot of the stories our clients tell us… He’s a nice guy, he’s been fairly straight with you, and you feel a sense of nostalgic loyalty to him. These feelings are pretty normal, and there is something else that’s run of the mill too. Fees. He’s probably charging you 1% or maybe even more per year to manage your account, and his advice probably sounds like he watched the Fox News business report or CNBC. Basically he watches mainstream media television to get his advice to give you. Seemingly this has turned out okay for you up until now.

Along with the 1 or 2% your advisor is charging you, the mutual funds he’s invested your money in have fees too. The most recent example of this we saw was 0.8% and 1.2% coming out on top of the 1%. While this 3% may not seem like much, if you invest $50,000 for 10 years that’s $15,000 you’ve lost to fees. And that’s not even taking into account stock market volatility. Remember, the average person lost 31% in the 2008 stock market crash, but your stockbroker will say, “Just hang on! The market will come back. We have bull years and bear years.” Hopefully you’ll have time to hang on because it may take years for the market to come back.

At TreeceCo we do not extract fees from your dollar-oriented accounts. One hundred percent of your money goes to work for you, you know the worst it can get, and you have a contract on your money demonstrating how your assets make money for you. If you don’t have a contract on your money or you can’t see your money, we recommend you reevaluate.