The stock market has not traded positively so far this year. If this is any indication of the year the markets will have, it’s going to be a long painful declining dump that will leave most investors poorer than when the year began. Of course with our investing strategy the worst you can do is earning zero. When others are losing in stocks and mutual funds, the worst our clients are doing is not earning anything, but in most cases they are earning some interest when others in the stock market and mutual funds are going negative.

You probably have not heard of our strategies because the mutual funds most people have their 401k or IRA invested in actually charge an advertising fee. This fee can be used to dismiss other options and suppress competitors, and you may think this would be illegal but it’s not.

The Wall Street machine is a powerful lobby that often generously gives to politicians’ campaigns. If you ever research who gives to politicians, you may be surprised to learn who is passing out monetary favors. We see a clear example of this in presidential candidate Donald Trump, who’s stated he gave to all politicians no matter their political color because he wanted to have their ear.

Many companies and people do not have a moral compass and are willing to sell out to the highest bidder. At TreeceCo we do not live or act like that. We believe in always putting our clients’ interests first, and fully explaining all options to each client. Education is the centerpiece of the TreeceCo model, and that’s why this newsletter exists. We understand that not everybody is a fit for our model and sometimes people meet with us and we figure that out together.

Our goal is to help you retain your money, to hedge against market volatility, and to empower you to be completely in control of your finances. If you are exhausted from tolerating the financial risk you’ve been told you need, give us a call to explore your options. We’re always a no obligation phone call away.