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The case for honoring our veterans by standing for truth
By David Treece

I was sitting in church on Sunday morning. The pastor described an interview he had heard about global warming, but before he started he made certain to say that he was not taking sides on the issue of climate change. I tried to listen to the story, but I was remorseful more than anything that the preacher had missed an opportunity to direct people.

It’s well known that the United Nations, the World Bank, and other globalist-led organizations are advocating for a “carbon tax,” in essence taxing everyone for any carbon emissions we are responsible for creating. Back in 2007 the New York Times floated this idea. Global warming is a pantheistic vile ideology that is rooted in worship of the earth. The charge is that we are doing wrong to the earth so we should repent and be taxed. It’s generally believed that carbon emissions are produced by vehicles, industrial manufacturing, or by just living.

Creating a problem that does not exist to the extent it’s claimed, making people fearful of the exaggerated fear, and tyrannically taking more of their ability to produce a living wage by taxing them is deceitful. Imagine how this will impact our ability to plan and prepare for retirement. The unknown factor of increasing taxes in the name of “saving the earth” impacts everyone. Should we be talking about this?

Quickly we are approaching a time when sitting on the proverbial fence will no longer be an option, because agenda-cramming advocates are drawing hard lines. In North Carolina this is evident in the transgender bathroom saga… When did we get to a place where sane people do not know which bathroom to use?

The disservice this pastor did by not leading his congregation to truth hurts everyone more than the few people who may have been offended by him taking a position. Most people are not aware of the tyrannical carbon tax scheme that’s planned for them, but then again vocational pastors probably don’t care anyhow. As the saying goes, another (Sun)day another dollar, right?

Memorial Day is meaningful because patriots died for the freedom that we have been given and have squandered in many respects. America’s third president, Thomas Jefferson, stated that, “The price for liberty (freedom) is eternal vigilance.” Let’s wake to the reality that vigilance is needed in the fight to preserve our freedoms. On the day that we commemorate our military veterans may we remember that we must make bold stands for the cause of truth. Straddling the fence today on issues of vital importance only causes future problems. It says, “I’m not courageous enough to take a stand.” Please don’t let this be said of you.