As so many people have been wrong about the ascension of Donald Trump it’s nearly impossible to predict what could be next. What we do know as evidenced by the last week is that stock market volatility is increasing.
Last Tuesday, as it was looking more and more probable that Donald Trump would win the election, stock market futures plunged 800 points. Futures are basically bets that if the stock market were to open it would be down 800 points. As last week went on, the stock market climbed to historic highs. Fundamentally these unpredictable shifts make little sense, but then again gambling normally is irrational.
It is possible the powers that be are driving the stock market up in order to pad it against a possible interest rate hike in mid-December. The Federal Reserve Bank may increase the interbank lending interest rate by 0.25%. As you may recall, last December rates were raised 0.25% and it caused much stock market volatility for the first quarter of 2016.
Look for more wild swings in the market, but if you’re a TreeceCo client you don’t have to worry about these swings. The variable of losing in a stock market crash has been replaced with peace of mind because your money is not subject to market whims.
Like many people, we are cautiously optimistic that a Donald Trump presidency will produce government restraint, reining in our out-of-control federal government, and put America’s interests first again. However, America’s woes are far from disappearing. Our $20 trillion debt and trillions of dollars in unfunded obligations are not things we can take lightly.
As much as we would like to believe President-elect Trump will be able to cut tax rates, we are not counting on it, simply because the government is dead broke, corporate industry has been driven out of the country, and more people than ever depend on government for day-to-day needs. We’re not out of the weeds. It’s not time to throw caution to the wind as anything (literally) could happen at any given moment.
Trump’s next big obstacle is picking the right people to surround him in his administration. While Ronald Reagan accomplished much after conservative movement helped him be elected. However if he had omitted people like George H.W. Bush from his administration, he could have done more.

Bush was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), an organization that has long relished the idea of globalism, making the United Nations more powerful, and creating a one-world government. It should be our prayer that Trump will not appoint present or past members of the CFR, because his influence and abilities will be greatly diminished.