By Tony Treece

I’m fearful. As I look around I observe the beginnings of chaos. It’s as if I were standing on a beach watching a storm roll in from the sea. We can see the signs that it is coming and feel the temperature in the air shifting, but people are still playing on the beach and splashing in the waves. Why can’t they see the storm coming? Do they not understand that if they stay in the water the current is going to suck them out to sea and they will drown?

For long-time readers of this newsletter it may feel like you’ve been reading a farmer’s almanac. We’ve been predicting a massive geopolitical and economic correction for years. The sad reality is that the harvest is about to be destroyed for many people. They’ve planted their financial crops and watered them. They’ve participated in their company’s 401(k) matching program and listened to conventional wisdom about which mutual funds to pick. Sadly, many of those people are in the harvest years of their life and their crop is about to be wiped out.

Why, Tony? There are several reasons why. I’ll elaborate on the two most damning.

For years, international bankers have used the backs of hard-working people to grow their wealth. The primary motivation for this has been greed. At our seminar this week I shared a quote from the mayor of New York City in 1922. The mayor said in part, “…. [a] Group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as the international bankers. The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes.”

These vile individuals have conspired against people all around the globe. We need only to look back seven years to the beginning of “quantitative easing” to see an example. The American government stated that if we did not bail out (give money to) the “too big to fail banks” there would be martial law and rioting in the streets. The American taxpayers reluctantly agreed. The $4.7 trillion that were newly created have been loaned out at least ten times, creating debt from this alone in excess of $44 trillion.

As a result, the American government knows or anticipates that her citizens will not tolerate another bailout of this magnitude. Therefore, legislation was passed in 2010 to allow the banks to use the money you have deposited in your checking, savings, money markets, or certificate of deposits to stabilize insolvent banks. Can you live without the money in your bank accounts?

I believe the $4.7 trillion created have been used to paint the illusion that the stock market is at new highs. It’s an illusion of the greatest magnitude. I believe it will very soon be shown for the illusion that it is.

The second reason I believe people are going to be wiped out is because of the pervasive moral decay for which we have been culpable. Since 1973, over 54 million babies’ lives have ended through abortion. The Church has been nearly silent on this. We’ve spent more time wanting to have a seat at Caesar’s table and less time being concerned whether we have seat at our Lord’s table. Abortion will not be changed through politics. It will be changed through a great awakening. The Church will have a tremendous opportunity when this storm finally arrives on shore.

I hope you are prepared and have been preparing your finances for what is ahead. For those with the wisdom to see the storm coming, there will be great opportunity in the midst of the storm.