By David Treece

The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a milestone on last week. It crossed 20,000.
Some pundits believe it’s because of President Trump’s recent executive actions and his plans to restore American infrastructure, which analysts believe will stimulate the economy. Maybe it will…
Other commentators believe big banks like Goldman Sachs, whose stock has seen over a hundred-dollar increase in the last year, are driving the market up. The thinking is that big banks will loan the government money for infrastructure improvements.
Bank stocks are performing well, but fundamentally there is no reason to believe they are solvent or could weather even a minor economic storm. They are over loaned, and they are all set up to encounter the same financial problems when financial storms happen, so they will all share in the gains and losses during difficult times. This was the shadow government’s doing in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created.
What if there was a way to not use banks to finance your big expenditures? What if you could create your own reserve of money to finance your next car?
This isn’t a quick process. It takes dedication to the process, and discipline, and you have to have an open mind. We have strategies that allow you to grow your money at a declared pace, and you are able to loan yourself the money tax-free when you need it.
Rather than being caught up in the casino greed mentality of the current stock market, you can take steps to use your money more wisely by creating your own personal bank.
We believe in putting our clients in control of their destinies. We believe in taking the bull by the horns instead of being impelled by the bull’s horns, i.e. losing all your money in the oversold stock market. If creating your own reserve of cash is of interest to you, call us to set up at time to speak.

Goldman Sachs

One last opinion: Donald Trump ridiculed Senator Ted Cruz for omitting his loan from Goldman Sachs on his financial disclosure by stating the bank owned him, yet Trump has appointed a handful of advisors to his administration who have or had ties to Goldman.

Have you heard the expression, “The devil’s in the details?” In this case the devil is Goldman. Watch Goldman. They’re nefarious players.