David Treece

David Treece 

Facebook is great for observing what’s going on in our friends’ lives and staying in touch, but it’s also astounding seeing some of the foolishness that is pervasive. I had an epiphany last week after a Facebook friend who happens to be a full-time minister posted an article.
The article was a distasteful exposé about how bad race relations are in America today. I don’t disagree with the premise, but the article pitted races against each other with no solutions to the problem. I may have been able to look past it, but since it was coming from a pastor I glanced at it again.
Dad and I believe that preachers should be thinkers and thought leaders. They should be setting the tone for conversation, not going along with whatever society sets as the talking points. It blows our minds that men with weekly audiences do not study and learn about what is going on in government, their communities, and the world. A Great Awakening preacher named George Whitefield said, “It is a poor sermon that gives no offense; that neither makes the hearer displeased with himself nor with the preacher.”
I explained in my comment to the Facebook post that the conversation about race is a distraction from America’s more serious wounds. For example, our entitlements cannot be paid. Our debt cannot be paid. Due to supposed free trade deals, we have no means of production (huge national security issue). There is no feasible way to fix immigration. And the list could go on.
The preacher’s Facebook post drew over a dozen more comments and everyone commenting took the narrative of the article that instigated more harsh feelings between the races and ran with it. Our country is imploding and we are using our time to discuss a narrative that the mainstream media wants us to be distracted by, race relations. An important issue, but this discussion was created as a distraction from more pressing issues. Every time an issue suddenly arises on one hand, look at what the other hand is doing. Jonathan Edwards, another prominent preacher during the Great Awakening, said, “I assert that nothing ever comes to pass without a cause.”
Social media highlights the phenomenon that most people go along with whatever is said or happening. Sadly, most people do not think. Our strategies for saving and investing are not what the crowd is doing and most people will not take our advice because it’s different.
They passively make the decision to be sheared with the other sheep when their 401k or IRA is in the stock market. The consequence? They lose 31% of their money in the stock market like most everybody else did in 2008 because they are not willing to do anything different. Sure, some people don’t know, but if you’re reading our writings that’s not you. You know there are ways to never lose another dime of your money and to have it safe and protected.
We challenge to think about what you are doing in life and ask yourself if you are doing what you’re doing just because it’s comfortable and easy right now. Ask yourself if there’s a better a way than what most people are doing. These questions can be asked in many parts of our lives. Our world is increasingly becoming crazier. If we observe for long, we realize that maybe the way things are going isn’t the best direction and that taking action is needed.


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