Abraham Lincoln

Some people hold up Abraham Lincoln as an icon of everything right in America today. Some people hold him up to be like a martyr, but the truth is that President Lincoln was a bad man.

Countless people died due to his forceful desire to centralize the American government, and he has been wrongly attributed with being a civil rights god. What most people have been taught about him is untrue. Freeing the black man was not his desire, but he used the issue as a catalyst for his war of aggression.
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In 1913, one of Lincoln’s dreams became a reality with the creation of the Federal Reserve. As a result, in 1929 America experienced the worst economic hardship it had seen in its history, and during this period of severe economic distress banks failed and closed. The stock market collapsed and investors lost all they had. However, people who had deposited their savings in fixed life insurance companies did not lose a dime. TreeceCo Financial specializes in helping people protect their savings by using fixed life insurance contracts.
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