David Treece

On our latest run of business cards we had three questions printed on the back. The first question is, “How will I grow my retirement savings with confidence and certainty so that when it’s time to create income I will be able to receive the maximum amount of money possible during the rest of my life?”

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This is a powerful question, and normally most people cannot answer it. Predatory investing practices are mainstream today, and they disadvantage retired senior citizens the most. The majority of people who have retired do not have a desire to work again or they cannot continue working due to their age or maybe a health complication. When someone in one of those scenarios and their money is in stock market investments they are susceptible to losing every penny. If your money is in the stock market, the assumption is that you are willing to lose all of it and can find another source of income to live on. Often not all of a retiree’s money is needed to live on, but why would you want to risk losing any of your money?

We are specialists in designing a plan that allows you to only lose the money you spend. With our recommended financial vehicles you are able to lock into your gains each year and continue building your financial base. Our recommendations have clearly defined terms that enable you to have confidence and certainty no matter how the stock market is performing.

The next question on our business card is, “How will I protect my lifetime of savings from financial markets, political uncertainty and world events so that I can be assured of uninterrupted lifestyle security throughout retirement?”

The primary way that a person can protect himself is through a contractual agreement. Just about everything we do in life requires some form of contract. Recently, I rented a storage unit. I had to sign a contract. If we rent a car while we’re out of town, we sign a contract. The simplest things in life today require a written formal agreement of the terms. This protects everyone involved from the possibility of adverse situations. This begs the question, do you have a contract on your savings account, retirement plan, or wherever you have your money?

The only way to be assured of financial success is to have boundaries and parameters for how your money will be held. If your money is in mutual funds, a bank, a credit union, or stocks you cannot be assured of financial security. You are participating in fancy gambling that has the air of sophistication.

The last question is, “Do I really want to be a ‘retirement investor’ or a ‘retirement winner’ and create a secure retirement income guaranteed for life that I don’t have to worry about losing?” In retirement a person should fundamentally be well past the days of having any risk in their portfolio if they want to have a secure retirement. Being a retirement winner entails having guarantees. The old adage “the only things guaranteed in life are taxes and death” is not entirely accurate. Our recommendations provide a plan to have guaranteed income for the rest of your life that you can never outlive. There is only one financial vehicle that can do that. Do you know what it is?

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