The TreeceCo Report 

Tony Treece

Like or not… Halloween is behind us and the Christmas season is here! The jolly fat man dressed in red will be directing Rudolph to your house very soon I’m sure.

All joking aside, a tremendously impactful gift to give your family for Christmas is a Living Revocable Trust, because let’s face it, if you leave your finances and estate in a mess your kids or heirs will reap the consequences. Remember these are some of the repercussions of not preparing:

·      If you have a Will, you will go through the agony of probate.

·      Your assets and debts will be public information.

·      Your heirs will have to pay fees.

·      It will be a huge hassle.

Properly setting up your estate plan and ensuring that it works as you desire is essential to preparing for retirement and your golden years. As the Christmas season approaches, this is a perfect opportunity to get your estate planning set up. Then when you gather with your family to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas you will be able to share with them the gift you are giving them.

Another reason to get your estate planning taken care of is because oftentimes we accumulate financial accounts and sometimes we just forget about them or let them sit dormant. While this may be great for saving your money, it can be a nightmare after you pass away when you are the only person who knew what financial accounts you have and where your money or investments are.

We can help you tidy up your accounts and consolidate them in an easy to understand strategy, thereby eliminating the future headache your kids will deal with. Of course this is not necessary to get your estate plan done, but oftentimes folks like to take advantage of this service that we offer.

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