What in the world is going on with Donald Trump?

By David Treece

David Treece

Trump told us he was going to go to Washington and “drain the swamp” but he quickly began wading out into the swamp instead. It did not take long for him to begin appointing various members of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and former employees of Goldman Sachs.

As far back as 2010 outlets like Rolling Stone magazine stated, “From tech stocks to high gas prices, Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression -- and they're about to do it again.” If President Trump wanted to drain the swamp, he sure started out with a lousy slate of appointees.

As much as we want to hope for the best with Trump’s appointment of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster as National Security Adviser, we must note that both are past members of the CFR.

But what’s the big deal about the CFR?

Pat Robertson wrote in 1991, “This august body of ‘wise men’ has effectively dominated the making of foreign policy by the United States government since before World War II. The CFR has included virtually every key national security, and foreign policy adviser of this nation for the past seventy years.”

Robertson went on to write, “In government policy, the most visible expression of the Establishment is the Council on Foreign Relations, and its publication, Foreign Affairs. Out of some twenty-nine hundred members, at least five hundred are very powerful, another five hundred are from centers of influence, and the rest are influential in academia, the media, business, and finance, the military, or government. A few are token conservatives.”

Trump campaigned on draining the Establishment and listening to you and me, but his reversal on key topics has caused a few questions. His unconstitutional bombing of Afghanistan and Syria without Congressional approval is an enormous reversal.

When Obama was mulling the idea of bombing Syria, Trump tweeted on August 29, 2013, “What will we get for bombing Syria besides more debt and possible long-term conflict? Obama needs Congressional approval.” Trump tweeted numerous other times about how bad of an idea it was… So what’s changed?

Another point of conflict for the President is his pledge to label China as a “currency manipulator.” He said he would once elected, but has deliberately decided not to follow through. The truth of the matter is that any government with a central bank like the Federal Reserve is a currency manipulator. China can easily and clearly make a case that America manipulates its currency, thereby helping put another nail in the coffin of the dollar losing the world’s reserve status. I’m sure a few backroom conversations were had about this topic.

At our next free dinner seminar on May 9th we will share more on President Trump’s reversal and why it is still a very important time to have your financial house in order. The façade we see today is reminiscent of prior economic bubble explosions. Tread carefully.



Who pays when Medicare won't?

There are huge misconceptions about what Medicare covers and if it will pay for long-term care needs. Some people believe they are covered because they have Medicare and a Medicare supplement plan, but unfortunately this is not the case. It’s important to understand what your plans cover before you need long-term care.

In a recent survey, 34% of people believed Medicare would pay for long-term care, and 27% had no idea what Medicare would pay for. Our goal is to help educate people about these common misconceptions so they can be prepared when situations arise.

Medicare will pay for short stays in nursing or rehab facilities, but if you need continual care at home or at a facility you will need an alternative way to pay for care. And for younger people, most private insurance plans will not cover long-term care services like a nursing home or ongoing care provided by a licensed home health care aide.

However, when surveyed, 18% of people believed their private insurance plan would cover ongoing nursing home care, and 25% believed their private insurance plan would pay for ongoing care at home.

The reality is that most people don’t want to think about these things. As a result, another government program called Medicaid is used for over half of long-term care needs. Of course, when you are using Medicaid your choices are much more limited. It cannot be overstated how limited your choices may become, so this is why advance planning is essential.

“Medicaid is a federally funded and state funded needs-based benefits that will provide for various types of Long-Term Care depending on the state’s regulations.” As stated, the program paid in 2013 for over half of all long-term care needs in America yet over half of people surveyed do not expect to need to use Medicaid in their lifetimes.

At our free dinner seminar next Tuesday, we will discuss these topics and we will go into greater detail. Please reserve your spot by following the link below. If you are not in the Concord, North Carolina area, we would be happy to arrange a time to speak to you and to answer your questions. Please call 704.717.4848.




People-centered care for Long-Term Care

What are a few things most people avoid talking about at all costs? What comes to mind? A short list may include taxes, politics, religion, and the big one: death! Something else that most people avoid is the potential need for long-term care.

The path we must stride in our golden years can be tough, but this topic is like many things. A sage person once said, “We need to plan time to plan time.” Long-term care can be thought of similarly in that we have to plan time to plan our future. Planning for the future never stops, no matter what age we have reached.

What’s alarming is that surveys reveal that most Americans have huge misconceptions about long-term care. The SCAN Foundation funded a survey of American over the age of 40, and its discoveries are startling. The finding stated that most people drastically underestimated the potential that a loved one may need long-term care in the next 5 years, there is a lack of knowledge of the impact of “person-centered care,” there is a lack of understanding of how private insurance plans and Medicare supplements cover long-term care needs, and there is a lack of desire to plan at all.

Person-centered care is “An approach to healthcare and supportive services that allows individuals to take control of their own care by specifying preferences and outlining goals that will improve their quality of life.”

The main way to have person-centered care is through pre-planning and coordinated care. This is achieved primarily through communication and by pre-planning. Obviously, this is the care everyone would hope for if they understood the needs or had the resources.

Over the next few weeks we will dive into the topic of long-term care and attempt to help you have a better understanding of what you can do to plan for your future. We believe this will be an empowering and rewarding path to travel.



Your smart phone is listening to you

By David Treece

Did you see the latest WikiLeaks release? Early reports indicate that a whistleblower inside the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) bravely and heroically leaked documents and information similar to that of exiled Edward Snowden.

Edward Snowden 

Edward Snowden 

The new series is being called “Vault 7,” and WikiLeaks states that only 1% of the leaked info has been published. The data leaked reveals that the government has the ability to commandeer “Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows and even Samsung TVs” without users like you and me even knowing it.

The leak reveals that the CIA has lost control of its spying programs and that parts of the programs could be stolen or exploited by bad actors. A cyber weapon that is “loose” could electronically spread anywhere around the globe in seconds, and be maliciously used against anyone. These clandestine programs have had little to no oversight, with most people not even being aware they exist.

“The CIA had created, in effect, its ‘own NSA’ with even less accountability and without publicly answering the question as to whether such a massive budgetary spend on duplicating the capacities of a rival agency could be justified.” Remember, the National Security Agency (NSA) was the known proprietor of this unethical breach of public trust, but now we learn that the CIA is doing as much or more data mining on the American public.

One of the most alarming details so far is that the CIA is said to be attempting to breach a vehicle’s computer systems. The motivation is not clear, but this would allow for undetected vehicular assassination attempts with little trace.

“The CIA’s Mobile Device Branch developed numerous attacks to remotely hack and control popular smart phones. Infected phones can be instructed to send the CIA the user’s geolocation, audio, and text communications as well as covertly activate the phone’s camera and microphone.” And there’s no escaping it. According to the Vault 7 revelations, popular secure messaging applications have all been breached.

Our days of privacy have vanished. The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution is dead. It states, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

What does this have to do with financial matters? Our ability to privately decide our efforts is dissipating. Had it not been for President Trump delaying new regulatory costs, harsh financial regulations were set to go into effect. Americans would have lost more of their ability to affordably access financial guidance. Unfortunately, our government has grown into an insatiable monster that feasts on personal freedom.

Any time we have the ability to take the reins to our destiny, we should. At TreeceCo we put our clients in the driver’s seat in order for them to plot their trajectory. We don’t believe in sitting back and hoping for the best. We believe in actively pursuing the best outcome.




Opportunity rising

By David Treece

Opportunity arises out of crisis. The light at the end of the tunnel is the knowledge that new horizons can be reached if we can just make it through the storm. We’ve been in the business of helping our clients and friends prepare for the next financial crisis for years now.

David Treece

About every decade in America we face a stock market correction, and those who are most prepared and knowledgeable are the ones who fare the best. After the mortgage meltdown crisis in 2008, those who were positioned well seized upon cheaper real estate prices and even many stocks being sold at a 30% discount. However, those who were financially wiped out had no recourse. They either went bankrupt or had to wait on average at least 7 years for their investment prices to regain value.

Statistically it’s time for a stock market correction. We’re not fortunetellers or mystics, so I don’t know when the correction will transpire, but being ahead of the curve is key to succeeding. Nothing stays the same. Times are changing, and being proactive with your saved money is essential to maintaining the life you want to live.

Some savers are sitting on the edge of their chairs watching the Dow Jones average creep higher and higher… 20,500… It’s a lot like sitting on the edge of the stool at the casino table, knowing it’s time to cash out, but wanting just a little more. Don’t risk your future standard of living. We can help you participate in the gains of the market but not lose when it corrects every decade.



Is it morning in America

David Treece

By David Treece 

Many people are optimistic that a new day is dawning in America. People outside of the urban centers understand that globalization has been detrimental to America’s economy, and some people are waking to the reality that cheaper products don’t necessarily help as much as having industry and jobs.

I, like many people, believed the lie of the media that Hillary Clinton was surging to victory, but we were thrown a curveball when Donald Trump ascended to the White House. One thing is for certain: since the moment it became evident that he was winning the election it’s been a roller coaster of “what’s next?” On election night, when he started winning the stock market futures dipped, but now the market has risen to record heights. What’s the stock market going to do next? We can help it not matter for you, because your money is safe and growing regardless of how the market performs.

Donald Trump has been loose with his words and quick to jab anyone who questions his authority. The list of foes seems to grow daily, and while this is entertaining and the old way of doing politics needs to be shattered… I just wonder how we are all going to be impacted by President Trump’s assertiveness.

Morning in America

The civil unrest and protest, which became normal during Obama’s reign, seem to be heating up even more. Politico ran an article this week with the title “Republicans fear for their safety as Obamacare protests grow.” The truth is that career politicians are more worried about their next election than their safety. But the point remains that protests like what we saw after the inauguration are becoming normal.

Historically, about every decade the stock market takes a dive. Due to the government’s intervention in the economy after the last decline we are experiencing a huge stock market bubble.

Just this week a client stopped by our office who is 84 years old. We helped him get out of the stock market last year, but he was thinking he got out too soon now that the market has continued to go up. He admitted that he worried about whether he’d lose money in the market, but he knew he couldn’t make up losses like he sustained to his money in the dot-com stock market crash or the mortgage meltdown crash. Getting out a day, a year, or many years too early is a great problem to have. The reason is simple, because you are not going backwards financially.



Bank on yourself

By David Treece

The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a milestone on last week. It crossed 20,000.
Some pundits believe it’s because of President Trump’s recent executive actions and his plans to restore American infrastructure, which analysts believe will stimulate the economy. Maybe it will…
Other commentators believe big banks like Goldman Sachs, whose stock has seen over a hundred-dollar increase in the last year, are driving the market up. The thinking is that big banks will loan the government money for infrastructure improvements.
Bank stocks are performing well, but fundamentally there is no reason to believe they are solvent or could weather even a minor economic storm. They are over loaned, and they are all set up to encounter the same financial problems when financial storms happen, so they will all share in the gains and losses during difficult times. This was the shadow government’s doing in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created.
What if there was a way to not use banks to finance your big expenditures? What if you could create your own reserve of money to finance your next car?
This isn’t a quick process. It takes dedication to the process, and discipline, and you have to have an open mind. We have strategies that allow you to grow your money at a declared pace, and you are able to loan yourself the money tax-free when you need it.
Rather than being caught up in the casino greed mentality of the current stock market, you can take steps to use your money more wisely by creating your own personal bank.
We believe in putting our clients in control of their destinies. We believe in taking the bull by the horns instead of being impelled by the bull’s horns, i.e. losing all your money in the oversold stock market. If creating your own reserve of cash is of interest to you, call us to set up at time to speak.

Goldman Sachs

One last opinion: Donald Trump ridiculed Senator Ted Cruz for omitting his loan from Goldman Sachs on his financial disclosure by stating the bank owned him, yet Trump has appointed a handful of advisors to his administration who have or had ties to Goldman.

Have you heard the expression, “The devil’s in the details?” In this case the devil is Goldman. Watch Goldman. They’re nefarious players.



Social Security Dilemma

By David Treece

I recently read an article that stated, “Economics is alchemy.” Stated another way it could be said that the financial markets are working on magic. An example of this is a recent CNBC article stating that “Social Security has a looming $11 trillion shortfall.” So what's keeping it going? Magic!

President-elect Trump has campaigned that he will preserve Social Security and will not cut benefits, but how he will do that continues to be alchemy. The CNBC article states that Congressman Sam Johnson has submitted a bill to save Social Security by reducing the benefits, delaying the age to receive full benefits, and excluding high-income earners or capping them. 

Depending on Social Security is precarious given the large debt load and the inability to even attempt to balance the federal government’s budget. Like many people you may be thinking “I’ve heard for thirty or forty years that Social Security is broke and won’t be there for me in retirement.” Again, the government’s magic can only work for so long, and that’s why it’s crucial that you preserve any money you have saved up in retirement plans.

Being able to depend on your money being available when you need it or if Social Security changes is important. What’s sad is that many retirees put their savings in the stock market and never know from one day to the next whether they can depend on the money being there. Further, parking money at a bank can be just as risky given that legislation has been passed to use your money if the bank becomes insolvent. This has happened in other countries. Why can’t it happen in America?

Consistently reliable growth is what we specialize in at TreeceCo. We’ve been helping retirees and conservative savers retain their money since 1984. Call today to learn how you can create your back-up plan.



Happy New Year and Good Luck

By David Treece

One thing is certain: nothing is predictable. However, the one thing we know is that we need to retain as much of our retirements savings as possible and protect it from sudden market shifts. Donald Trump has spoken elaborately about America’s needed infrastructure updates, but with the federal government constantly running a deficit how is it feasible to work on our roads and bridges?

Trum Tweet
Trump Tweet

This is just one example of why the Federal Reserve and Treasury will turn on the printing presses to create the money needed. Plus, it’s apparent that Trump has a sort of innate desire to be liked. What better way to achieve popularity than to send everyone a check? The government’s “free” gift to you…

We know that in the months after the 2008 mortgage meltdown crisis, trillions of new dollars were created to stabilize the economy. Richard Fisher, a former Dallas Federal Reserve president, stated, “We injected cocaine and heroin into the system and now we are maintaining it with Ritalin,” when speaking on the stock market being up over 200% since its low.


When the Fed announces more printing, if the past is an indicator of the future, it will drive the stock market further up. Our clients are uniquely situated to benefit from the growth of the stock market while never being in the stock market. Therefore they never lose money when the market goes down. Our clients are not subjected to the risk of a sudden sell-off or run on the market. Similarly, our clients can grow their assets and leverage their money into a larger inheritance for their children while never being subjected to losses.

We specialize in helping people get out of the stock market and out of banks. If you would like to discuss this more, feel free to give us a call. There is only one type of person we cannot help.



Merry Christmas!

This time of the year often causes us to reflect upon all that has happened to us over the past year. We are thankful for you and your interaction with us and for the opportunity to serve you in helping safely preserve your life savings. We count it a privilege and an honor, and we do not take your trust in us lightly.

Please remember the reason we celebrate Christmas. Luke 2:11 states, “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.” Jesus came into the world in human flesh and had experiences similar to our own, and finally died a sacrificial death to save us from our sins.

This enabled us to experience eternal life and be saved from eternal damnation. In the haste of the holiday season it’s easy to forget what we are celebrating, so let’s make it a priority to remember what this time of year is all about. We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Tony, Donna, and David 

Tony Donna and David